Unforeseen expenses

Hi @reeflings,

Launching this thread as it seems it might be necessary in the future (let’s see if it is).

As you know, this Sunday, 11 December and next Saturday, 17 December we are having the confesseurs meetings at Brutopia. I haven’t thought about it, but it would be nice to offer our confesseurs a lunch (some snacks, drinks). Note that their services are for free. I plan to offer 10 euro for each confesseurs per day making it an amount of 40 euro. Not sure this full amount will be spent, but prefer keeping you informed. A final amount will be communicated at the end.


Some additional detail just in case: they will both be driving to Brussels, then see Reefling households from 11 until 5 non-stop. After that, they will be looking at all the documents we will be sending them to document our situation. And this only the first round. From what I understand there will be a second round before we go to the notary to sign our deeds.

I don’t think they will accept the money, but it’s worth giving a try. I’ll also bring a Christmas card to the next plenary, so we can send them a little thank you, even if it’s just words.


Thanks, @Lee , great idea! and in plus of that, team finance has reseved some money to offer them as a donation.


I forgot about the cards at the plenary meeting. I’ll bring them to the next one.

Hi everybody, and most specifically @reef-finance and @reef-building
I just got an email from Schoonship, saying they changed the price of their 1h tour for 2023…
From what I see, it has gone from 250 to 350 euros!!
And that"s not including 21% VAT (which I think we must have overlooked initially…). At least ;that"s what I understand from “€ 350 ex 21% BTW (VAT)”; I would genuinely be happy to stand corrected!
So I think it would actually amount to 423,5 euros (I asked them for confirmation on the total amount).

Not sure what we should do? Do we still wanna go ahead? Can we pay the extra?
Let me know your thoughts on the matter!

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I would propose that we use the process that we agreed to when we approved the budget, which is to ask all @reeflings to speak up if they can’t work with this unexpected expense within a week from now.

As a background: Schoonschip is this super-sustainable cohousing in Amsterdam that we refer to in our presentation. We would go for a visit to learn more about the solutions they adopted, so that we get a better idea of what is possible and how it works. The price is for a group of 15 people.


Is there already a date for the visit?

Not confirmed yet, no.

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Shall we set a deadline for this?
It would be good if we could confirm the date quickly…
I think I remember the official timeline is a week right? Or can we make it shorter?

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@Sarah, the doer decides eh, but if it were me taking up this task I think I would assume that it’s going to be a yes and so I would confirm to Schoonschip. The reasoning is that it’s probably easier to cancel saying “something came up” than having to further postpone the selection of the date.

That’s all because for the moment I wouldn’t feel comfortable changing the term that we have all agreed on. I would rather test the system a bit (so sticking to a week), and then see at the review (end March) whether we want to change it. Works?


Apparently nobody objects, so I assume we’re good to go!


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