Unforeseen expenses

Hi @reef-finance , (or should i as well tag team governance?) ,

The architects indicated we need to soon clear the site, for the geometer and ‘étude du sol’.
My plan is to ask some devis, but reading this page, i think we already get an idea of the price: Prix d’un débroussaillage en 2024 | Tarifs et devis (prix-travaux-m2.com) (it’s a french site, i assume prices in belgium will be more or less the same)

So for 1800 m2 it would come to about 360 euro to 1170 euros, without evacuation. So let’s say 1500 euros max including evacuation (without vat i guess)

=> do i need to get an approval on that from you, or how should i proceed once i get the devis?

Hi @els
Can you confirm this is not in @reef-building team’s budget? because we have budget approvals by 6 months, we could also add it to the July-December team-building team’s budget (and vote on it during the next plenary). Would you know how urgent it is? I can also check how much money team building has spent, i believe there were quite a few feasibilities studies planned that didn’t take place, so there is budget in your team’s budget for other things.

OK, just checked. Team building budget January-June 2024 is 7200 euro. That’s what you’ve spent so far

Thanks ugne,
For me this is a team building’s budget.
It was not clear for me if we could use the budget e.g. of the not executed FS’s. And the answer is yes i understand, so no need for an approval of this expense…