Update each team page with list of tasks, call a human block, and instructions | Update Makerfox with instructions for how to get tickets

On each team and task page we need to communicate: Basic social interaction rule= nothing happens on Edgeryders till you say something i.e. leave a comment! Then people get intouch

On each team and task page we need to add:

  • Call a human block
  •  A Video with following content: "Bear with us, this is why we work this way.This feels tricky but it's worth it for two reasons.1) Building our own tools. 2) Potential is we could end up iwith community which can share resources without need of finances in order to realise projects. The way it works is you create your ticket on Makerfox and then based on actions you get your ticket." Followed by a step by step screenflow of how you go from "I want a ticket" to "I have a ticket!"
  • Instructions
  1. Pick a team!
  2. Pick one of the team tasks, complete it and leave a comment on task page when done! 
  3. Go on makerfox and create account, make same accounts you have on Edgeryders. Include screenshots Ruxandra has this account of edgeryders, and this is account makerfox

On each team page we need to add: a list of all tasks

On each task page we need to add: instructions for completing the task

We also need to create a task manager view for all LOTE4 tasks

Example: Check out the question that Victor posted


Text to go on Lote4 ticket description on Makerfox

Ticket Page : http://www.makerfox.com/market/products/272
This is the ticket for the Edgeryders annual community event Living On The Edge, October 23-26, 2014 in Matera, South Italy. It's worth 1000 Makerbucks, but it can't be bought for money, only earned.
If you would like to attend Lote4 and earn this ticket, please follow the steps below:
1. ORDER the ticket to signal your intention to get the ticket.
2. Go to https://edgeryders.eu/taskmanager and pick one or more of the [Lote4 ticket] tasks, and follow the instructions there to complete them.
3. Once successfully completed, community managers at Edgeryders will let us know and we will load your Makerfox account with enough currency so you can receive the conference ticket.
4. We'll send you the ticket in .pdf and you'll be able to show it at the event.
Good luck! 

To do later

Noemi to email everyone in all teams once Team pages and Tasks are updated with instructions