Update from Wellbeing

It was a calm week at the Wellbeing camp, but here are a few things I did:

  1. I attended the last weekend of the Biennale of Warsaw - I was sent there to visit Transunions, a very interesting conference designed by the Biennale Team and Jonas Staal, which had an unexpected outcome - I will write a longer post about it soon. I learned a lot about establishing spaces that are inclusive and transformative.

But a bonus came from my visits to other side events, especially to a small exhibition organized in a school for children with intellectual disabilities (differently capable? What’s the right word to use here?) and a tour that one of the initiators of this exhibition gave us. I have learned a lot about the way this part of the school system operates in Poland, and about setting up inclusive art projects. It was wonderful, and it deserves another small post.

  1. I hired two local connectors, who will start working with me on the project this July. I’m very excited about it! I am now working on their contracts and will have a call this week about our workflow and strategies.

  2. I am preparing a small presentation/workshop about the stories from the edge for the Culture Backstage event in Brussels, which will happen this Friday. I am completely booked out! I will talk about my beginnings, Nepal, OpenCare and other things we’re doing, and about the art of collecting stories.

  3. We went public with the call for connectors in Czech and the events in July, and we’re now hoping to get the right person to work with us by the end of the month. Huh!

Thanks to everyone who stands by and helps make it happen. It’s not the easiest ride, but I’m positive it will turn out to be exciting :slight_smile:

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Thanks, unfortunately your talk coincides with the culture Culture event, otherwise would have come!

Warm welcome to @Mikomann & @AskaBednarczyk ! If I understood well, you’re the ones joining the crew? :smiley:

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Yes its them!

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That’s great news on the new additions! Looking forward to helping you all get the message about wellbeing out! :wink:

differently able I think…