Urban Game @OpenVillage Festival

@matteo_uguzzoni did you get the chance to read all of the inputs above? Whoa, that’s great stuff!!

I added some stuff in the google doc Brief - some POI for you in the neighborhood. Let us know what else is needed and if all is going well ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also interested in how the ideas found their way into the game and if you need anything from us in preparation for the event @matteo_uguzzoni

Earth to @matteo_uguzzoni … all good on your side?

Hi Kate, thank you very much for your suggestion, I think that we could definitely add the seed bombs task in the game or we can ask people to collect seeds and then you can do a lab about seed bombing during the Festival (didn’t have a look at the final program yet so I don’t know if it fits),
otherwise I think that we can create a number of messaged and bombs (multiple of 3) and then simply add it to the tasks that the teams must do. Sorry again for my late reply, i really hope that we can add it :wink:

Yes, yes yes!! Noemi is there a way to have “private” conversation with multiple member of the community here in EG or is better if I ask to the Urban game team to talk in Drive? Thanks!