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ok here we go @MariaEuler: Participant Information Sheet for online events

@andreja can you add in a comment here the exact text/logo/communication guidelines stuff that needs to be included in climate kic funded projects?

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Great will be added in today.

I sent it to @estragon and you,, with the logos and everything (it is enough to write Supported by: and add the C-KIC logo with the EU flag. Plus; Minimum size for print, 14 mm, Minimum size for web36 px. Primary typeface is Titillium and the secondary is Calibri…). Also, @owen added it to

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Ok - @owen these are two additional things that forms need to have by default:

  1. The standard footer/disclaimer (the text and links below, but no logo as different forms will be tied to different projects)

  1. A “with support from” section above the footer for addition of multiple logos that always adhere to the same size ( 36 px)


Some question to do with multilingualism/localisation for these forms (note: this is not a request for any changes @owen and @matthias - also @hugi you might be interested to know this ):
Let’s say we want to produce translations of a form page so as to direct it to different audiences

  1. Is it possible at the moment in the current state of the code to have multiple instances of the actual form bit that have the same functionality, but have different language texts on the actual form sections, questions and buttons? More specifically these:

Using Edgeryder Forms for events - Step by step guide:

1. What are Edgeryders Forms used for with events?

Edgeryders Forms provide an easy access to join the platform and a specific conversation both for new and sporadically present community members who still have problems navigating the platform.

  • The idea is that the link to the “form” is the only instruction needed to get them onboarded to the event, conversation and platform.
    • Therefore an event form needs to include a description of the event that would serve as an introduction to the topic by itself and states that it is an event organised by Edgeryder + x collaborators.
  • Filling out the form does two things:
    • creating a new or logging into an existing account
    • Posting a comment in a thread defined in the form template
  • The goal of the form is not to generate a list of participants for the event. Registered event participants are everyone who has commented in the thread the form links to for the output posts. The link for the call will be sent via pm to everyone who has commented in that thread, which automatically includes all the ones who filled in the form as well as those who already were on the platform.
    • Therefore it is important to make sure to link the participant information sheet from the beginning in the post header that is linked to the outputs of the form (question here @nadia, should we link that output directly to the event page on the platform (like this one for Messina) or create a new thread? A new thread could generate confusion, linking directly back to the event page would prob best?)

2. The Output Thread:

The form generates comments for a thread of your choosing.
Make sure this thread includes:

  1. A link to the participant information sheet from the consent funnel edited to fit the event in question.
  2. The lines:
    * “All who comment on this post will receive the link for the event call.”
    * “Note that by attending that call you will consent to the recording and transcribing of the call for research purposes as described in the participant information sheet.”
    * “Do not share the link to the call directly but rather share this link if you want to invite someone (put the link to the form).”

3. How to set up the form:

  1. Go to the example form / template, enter edit mode and copy all of the text.
  2. Create a “New Topic” in the Workspace and Webcontent-Sandbox category
  3. Paste the copied text.
  4. Now you can check the preview at new topic number
  5. Redirect the output of the form:Change the “topic” number in the configuration (for example “topic”: 14202) to the number on the end of the URL of the Output Thread you created.
  6. Edit, copy, delete or adjust the texts in the different fields as you need and check the results in the preview. Remember to include an event description that could stand on its own on the top and mention the organisers (edgeryder + collaborators)
  7. Once you are satisfied with your form, you can edit the WebKit page (like this one Messina District Webinar - Webkit [XML]) to include the form. > Enter edit mode in the WebKit post of your event and add/edit towards the end of the post.

What I’ll do is make the button text configurable (this is already the case for the account and confirmation text) - this way a form can be translated into any language - with each translated version saved in a standalone topic.

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@nadia @MariaEuler

I’ve added an option to include logo(s) - multiple ones along with the Edgeryders logo if needed.

The footer is now there, and there is an optional partners section - the example form includes all these.

Also the login text is now configurable, so theoretically you can change the entire form language - the only things that would stay in English are now the footer and the error messages.



@owen, could you help me to find how to redirect the answers of the form?

@MariaEuler you mean where to publish them?

you modify this part of the configuration, as it describes here:

"publish": {
 "topic": 14202

You can either put “topic” to specify the topic_id where you would like the answers to be posted in a single thread - or replace “topic” with “category” and put the id of the category you want the responses to be posted in.

In the latter case each answer will be posted as a separate topic in that category.

Here is an example where the responses will be posted in the campfire category (id 237):

"publish": {
 "category": 237

Ah, ok I thought that needed to be the number if the specific post and needed to make it show up in the tell.edgeryders… thank you :slight_smile:

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By popular demand I have added an option to display the contents of a separate topic (defined by the topic_id) inside the form - example here.

This creates a readable view of the topic, followed by the form fields below.

Documentation has been updated to reflect this.

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Hei @owen does the form need to have a public topic in order to load?

I want the answers here to land to this:

But doesn’t work when I put the topic name in the script…

No worries if not, it will be public after all, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Just wanted to be sure that the answers to the form don’t need to go to the page with the script, but can go to any platform topic you instruct them to!

Actually, forget it! I solved it :smiley:

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Thanks @owen, it looks good!

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Question for @owen and @MariaEuler: in the new account creation through the form, is the user taken through the original platform consent funnel? (for participating in research?) I suspect that is not the same as the consent for participating in webinars and online events,

Yes, it’s just the normal one for the platform. So you need to link the consent form in the last question. Will send example in a bit

add this as the last question:

“type”: “consent”,
“required”: true,
“text”: “The call will be recorded for research purposes. Please read details about that process in this information sheet and confirm that you understand and consent to the recording of the call. This is required to register and attend the call”,
“label”: “I agree”

Just with your particular form of the consent sheet linked

see how it shows below here:

@noemi Will work on a better consent feature to display it as a popover inside the form, until then an external link is the solution.


@owen, there is no pressure at all on this request, but I was wondering how these forms could be used in other edgeryders affiliated forums such as Blivande ( Might be interesting down the line when we are organising regular workshop events at blivande for example. But we can absolutely also use something else.
Asking just in case it only means to copy in a different line. Otherwise just ignore this :slight_smile: