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“In the early 90’s, after the mafia murders of the most important Italian anti-mafia judges and a long period of killing, in Sicily we thought we could change the world only with the enthusiasm of our activism. We tried, but we didn’t completely succeed. We understood that to have a real change we also had to change the economy.”{class=“quote”}

Relational goods, stocks over flows, systems over networks: a webinar on the strange economy of the Messina district

Sept 8th 2020 - 2pm{class=“date”}

Online event

Messina is a small city in Sicily, overlooking the eponymous strait that serves as the island’s gateway to mainland Italy and Europe. Sicily’s economy and society have long been crippled by high unemployment, inefficient public services, corruption and organized crime.

Yet, over the past ten years or so, a small cohort of about 120 enterprises in Messina, working closely together, have managed to build a solid, long-termist, fair, human-centric economy – and achieve stability and prosperity in the process. They call themselves “the Messina advanced cluster”.

To get where they are now, they had to re-invent a lot of economic concepts.

The familiar ones (“maximizing shareholder value”, “correct market failures” etc.) were simply not working out for Sicily, and for their goals.
So, as they re-built their local economy, they developed their own economic thinking, with concepts such as “relational goods”, “stocks as autonomy”,
and “systems, not networks”.

Even their innovation is weird: solar panels made out of the pulp of waste oranges? A People’s Energy Company?

In this online event, you will learn how they built this incredible success under very difficult conditions, and how their way of thinking might help you along your own journey.

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@owen, the text in the registration form for the event under this link is still for the co-working event, but I can not find where to enter/change that in here for the form. Where is that done and where do the consent funnel things come in?

In the documentation, you’ll find how to configure the form in the webkit.

At the moment the form is configured like this:

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That means the form is loading from here: - which is the co-working event.

I suggest you create a new form following the documentation.

Take note of the topic_id of the form, and in the site configuration change the data parameter of the form as shown in the manual:

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could we have a quick call today to walk through some of those things together and to make sure we are on the same page regarding what is done when by whom and what can be done in general? Today 15:00 for example?

Yes, no problem - ping me on riot around 15:00.

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Great! see you then :slight_smile:

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