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#KNWLB from Edgeryders on Vimeo.

Credits and logos.

Well done on the editing. I have to say though I don't like the music you are using. Have you checked out ? They have a lot of free licence Music by Moby to choose from...
For layout of credits at the end of the video please use as an example 05:12 in this video. The text should be the one below. I just sent you the two logos to use for Knowlab and for Edgeryders by email. The rest you have already.



MUSIC: [please add cc licence for the music you used in the video]

The Futures Knowlab was…


Organised by Unesco | Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation | Hosted by the European Commission’s Joint research centre |

Communication design and production by
[Knowlab logo] | [Unesco logo] | [Rockefeller Foundation logo] | [European Commission Logo] | [Edgeryders logo]

we like you like it :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the logos as well, so now we are working on making titles and credits following your order, we also need to know what kind of font we have to use and the color for the graphic background!  We are also working on sound and color correction, we made better cuts and changed some cover images, by this evening we should be able to upload a second draft version, we are also looking for a different music, we checked the site you suggested and found a nice track but we are still waiting for allowance to use it and we are not really sure we could actually use it. there are also other sites with free of licence music but there’s tons of music of different kinds so a suggestion on the preferred genre would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

Credits for the interviewees

Could you please help me to give the proper credit to each interviewee?

here is my draft list:

1) Riel Miller, Unesco 
2) Alioune Sall, Founder and Director of the African Futures institute
3) Jessica Bland, Technology Futures Researcher at NESTA
4) Judith Aidoo, Chief Executive of Caswell Capital Partners Limited
5) John A. Sweeney, Deputy Director of the Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies at East-West University in Chicago, IL
6) Tanja Hichert, Senior Research associate at the university of Stellenbosch's Institute for Futures Research
7) Fred Dust, partner at IDEO
8) Peter De Smedt, Foresight analyst at EC, JRC
9) Kewulay Kamara, poet, storyteller
10) Claudia Juech, Vice President for Strategic Research at the Rockfeller Foundation
Thanks for helping


Hi Daniele, i revised a few titles, from linked:in and bios, hope it works (length varies a lot is that problematic?)
1) Riel Miller, Unesco 
2) Alioune Sall, Founder and Director of the African Futures Institute
3) Jessica Bland, Principal Researcher in Futures, NESTA
4) Judith Aidoo, Chief Executive of Caswell Capital Partners Limited
5) John A. Sweeney, Deputy Director of the Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, East-West University
6) Tanja Hichert, Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Futures Research, University of Stellenbosch
7) Fred Dust, Partner at IDEO
8) Peter De Smedt, Foresight Analyst at the Joint Research Center Brussels, European Commission
9) Kewulay Kamara, Poet, Storyteller and Multi-media Artist
10) Claudia Juech, Associate Vice President and Managing Director for Strategic Research at The Rockefeller Foundation

Hi Jennifer, thanks, length is fine, any specification for Riel? Also do you have a preferred font? specific colors for the background? and eventually any comment about the video? once we get this informations we can work and upload during the day a refined version.

hey daniele, what’s the password to view the video?



consider it a very rough version!

Hi Daniele, Nice to see the video taking shape,

Here are a few remarks,

• the pictures seem to evolve mainly around the “main characters” who are interviewed, and therefore little space is given to show the other participants, do you have any usable material of other interactions shared over the three days, images or speeches?

• careful to not be too systematic in the different “tricks” that you use to give rhythm and fluidity to the video, i.e. switch from frame of camera 1 to frame of camera 2, or voice speaking with “hide and seek” scene before getting to the frame of the interview (claudia in the booklet, or john sweeney in the classroom:)

• the music indeed gets annoying after 5mn!

• and not sure what the overall message of the video is…?

Hope this is useful, happy to discuss more if needed

some thoughts

Hey folks

Making good progress.  I think we might use a title to help make clear what the whole thing is about - What is Futures Literacy…

I wondered about the voice over at the beginning - seems a bit choppy and I say “I” at one point, which doesn’t quite ring right.  I am ready to do new voice over, even to read a script so that we have the whole thing at the right pitch - we can use UNESCO’s studios.

Judith goes on a bit long - not sure the end is so central to her message.

For John - could cut the beginning when he makes it sound like he brought the tools and put emphasis on the latter part about collaboration.

Any way to get a small clip from Sohail in?

Be glad to discuss, just let me know when.

Thanks, Riel

we’re on it

Hi all, I’m with @dandimarte and Valerio and we are editing the video, following @rielm and @JenniferR suggestions. We started before read it and we were going in the same direction, so I think that the video you’ll see tomorrow morning will fulfill your request. If you want to have an hangout we can, told us when you prefer.

I don’t think we need more audio recording, but if you think that it’s necessary we’ll put it in. We’re really glad to work with your interviews, it’s really interesting.

Yes hangout at 9 CEST tomorrow

I will email everyone the link to the hangout 10 minutes before 9.

New version of the video Oct. 3

Hiya - really see the progress, great stuff.  A couple of questions - is there any way to not use a church and fancy hotel facade to intro the clip?  Sorry about that, but even though I’m no big semiotic or symbolism guy - it just feels a bit elitist. I know it is in fact quite elitist by nature - only we can offer a more open and “alternative” sense - which is also part of the “truth” of what we were doing.  The next question is about providing some other visual clue, but here I’m thinking of text - one opening single line that nails the futures literacy as becoming more “sophisticated” in the way we “use the future”…

All told I’m really impressed, looking very good. Thanks.


Hi Riel, I’m glad you like what we’ve done. I apologize for the delay in replying, I was trying to work out around the issues you highlighted. I agree on the beginning: the hotel is redundant and even if the church in a way still represent every italian village, I’m sure we don’t need to mention it! :slight_smile: i was thinking on inserting a landscape timelapse that can better fit the intro. Also about that intro text I was first of all searching in your speech some other part to sew at it, to outline the futures literacy process that still I guess come out very clear from your voiceover! I will post what could be the new intro text pretty soon, in case it’s not worth we could think at a simple graphic text, an headtitle to make it clear what we are talking about!

Also I’m thinking on making some more little cuts on the longer interviews, expecially the four field example, they can last less!



Ok everyone, cut off point for delivery is October 10

Daniele I noticed some of the labels you have when people are speaking contain some errors like separate words being connected: I noticed with Jessica Bland and John Sweeney for example

The official deadline for delivering this video is october 10.  Do you think you can put up the final version with all the requested changes by then?

@rielm if you have anymore comments or requests for changes, can I ask you to add them today?

can I take a look at the latest version?

Hey folks, just wondering how to access the latest version of the video. Thanks, Riel

Same password as previously

Church and other motifes still there, not sure how this one has changed but know that Daniele etc are still working on accommodating the desired changes expressed in the comments above into a final version:

the last step

Hi guys, the version you can watch is still the second draft of couple of days ago, we got your last suggestions and we were working on posting by tonight the final version.

We changed the first images with a timelapse of the Varese lake in front of Varano borghi with lots of clouds passing by.

Riel I sewed a couple of tense more to your introduction, I got two version (new part in bold)

1) Becoming futures literate is something that from my experience ocurs when you confront, engage. The event we re here the Knowledge Laboratory really uses this idea of the collective intelligence: I bring people together, to work together, to confront the way they use the future.

2)The way to become future literate is to learning by doing. The event we re here the Knowledge Laboratory really uses this idea of the collective intelligence: I bring people together, to work together, to confront the way they use the future.

They both sound fluid, do you think the can be worth?

Nadia, we’ll double check all the lower thirds, still I’m not convinced about their length, some of them are too long compared to others, we should try to make them even, Riel any addition to yours?  

Here we are

Hi all, this is the definitive version of the video. We hope we have met your request and we did the best for this incredible item. Thanks for all and hope see you soon.

KNOWLAB2 from Nico Bis on Vimeo.

BRAVO and next steps

Hey folks - I think you nailed it!  Well done.  Thank you!

The immediate next step is to show it to the Rockefeller Foundation and JRC before setting it loose on the world.  Nadia can you send the links to Claudia and Fabiana?

I also think it would be polite to send it to the people who are in the video - explaining that we’re going to make it public unless any of them has a major objection.  This is important in terms of being polite and being able to count on this crowd to help with the promotion.

Two questions: First, assuming that we get a green light from the other partners, how are we going to diffuse it?

Second, what is the title?  And on which platforms do we promote it, with what tag line?  These elements will be important for building buzz…

Best, Riel