Video translation needed! Armenian --> English

I’m not sure what our workflow is for translations, but I would like to get some subtitles for these two videos - one is an interview with Leniya, who is part of the long-standing environmental protest against copper mining in Teghut mine in the north of Armenia, and the other is with Armen, part of a political activist group in Yerevan. (sorry if I have spelled names incorrectly!)

Can somebody please help me out - how do I go about organising translation?

They are both set up on Amara and ready for subtitling:

Here are the videos with a brief summary of each:

In 2011 the parliament decided to start the mining process in the Teghut mine and the activists and experts thought this was illegal, so they gathered documents and information and took the case to court.

What the international community can help with is to find out who the owners of the mining company are - it’s registered offshore - perhaps there are journalists who can help with this.

Armen is an activist in a group that focuses on hot issues in Armenia, usually political and environmental topics. Whatever activism they start, they can’t call it just civic action, it is always political there are never simple causes, instead more complicated, deep issues. The main challenge they have is a lack of civic consciousness - mostly the fight doesn’t develop deeply because they can’t get enough people involved or for a long enough time.

There are links and connections to many existing international protest movements, even those which were happening 10 years ago or even earlier. there’s always the chance to learn from other movements and exchange ideas and experience, it’s very universal - people learn from other people.

Ideally we could connect p2p, people from outside Armenia could understand the country through what the people of Armenia say, not how the government presents Armenia.

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Maybe get it up on universal subtitles or other option

for collaborative subtitling? And then push out call for help with translation @Vahagn?

yep it’s on amara/universal subtitles already (links above) but there’s no youtube automatic synching/transcribing service for Armenian so I couldn’t give it a headstart.

One person doesn’t have to do everything, there are three stages here: transcribing (Armenian) translating (English) and turning that translation into subtitles, so even if people can help with just one of those stages that is very helpful.