Virtual Cafe 5 May: exceptional change of time and tasks ahead

Hello team!

Are you okay with moving this week’s call to 18:45? I am landing around 18:00 and would rather not keep you waiting.

To do’s ahead of the call:

  • Comment stories from Poland (use google translate if needed): make sure no story is left without a comment of welcome to the community, showing appreciation, and connecting the storyteller with another community member. Here are the stories, pick 3 and leave a comment?

  • Create a shorter version of the Call for connectors in Czech - for @Noemi & @Jirka_Kocian ; then send it out to all the groups we mapped with an invitation to apply.

  • Weekly community summary (by Friday) + give social media team a headsup by posting a new topic in their group. - for @natalia_skoczylas. We have been doing summaries in the past weeks in German, Czech, andEnglish. This week I’d like to ask you for a Polish summary of 3 relevant stories articulating the questions they pose. Please include a picture, for social media communications.

@Jan @Jirka_Kocian @Richard @natalia_skoczylas does the change of time and tasks work for you?

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All good for me, we can also do it a bit later if you need more time to get home.

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I’m afraid I’ll be on a plane to Glasgow. Hopefully @Jan can represent UCL. I’ve replied to two of the Polish posts.

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That’s okay, no worries. And thank you for the heads-up!

I can make it, though maybe I will have to leave a bit earlier (around 19:30), but I ll be there. J

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From the call yesterday, with @MariaAlinaAsavei and @Jirka_Kocian attending:

  • It turns out Maria & Jiri have potentially interested Serbian students - will contact them to ask if they are interested in local connector position and set up one-on-one calls with Noemi
  • Jiri is starting to onboard Czech people on the platform, mostly his network - less difficult as he explains it more and more (practice! :))
  • We realised we need a way for platform moderators to be able to see latest users and make it easier for everyone to welcome people: @Matthias has come up with a solution
  1. All moderators will follow ‘New members on’ topic to see the latest signups. Please follow the instructions here to make sure you are notified or just bookmark that page in your browser and check it every other day.
  2. On the page, see the latest users who joined by pressing End on your keyboard.
  3. When you welcome a user, edit the reply in that topic to signal that you’ve welcomed them (meaning you’ve sent them a private welcome message through their user profile)


PS Next Wednesday the call is not happening due to my travels, so skipping a week.
cc @Jan @Richard
Please dont forget about the weekly summary @natalia_skoczylas - in Polish.

Hi @noemi. I can’t access the ‘New members on’ topic.

@Matthias, any idea why this is? Richard is a moderator…

Hmm no, he’s not (doesn’t have the moderator shield after the username).

But for this purpose, he does not have to be moderator, either. He just needs access to the Documentation & Support → Unpublished category. Add him to the collaborators group to make that happen.

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done, check now @Richard?