Virtual Cafe 8 May: notes


Present @Jirka_Kocian @Richard @MariaAlinaAsavei and myself.
Here are the points discussed and agreed on:

1. Engagement strategy. We are having some difficulty recruiting local connectors and social media managers. Stand by while we rethink some issues, and give any feedback or ideas you might have here. Otherwise, Noemi will be in touch with news early next week.
We will need to re-draft the call for Local Connectors and have a short compelling version suitable for translation and sharing with the networks in each country.

2. Mapping and outreach to online groups: mapping now finalized here. Missing the Polish ones cc @natalia_skoczylas
In particular, the Cultural Center Prague and the Integration Center are hubs and so they organise events, and are connected with other organisations. Jiri will start meeting people and tell them about the project personally. How can we reach those groups though? At the latest, we’ll do it when we have the new recruits.

For the German mapping, Richard discovered many groups on the platform, some of whom have other websites/ fb group; in Germany Meetup is very Berlin centric, but worth the look.
NB: those interested in the German language conversations should make personal effort to reach out - it’s not a given that Edgeryders has capacity to go through the list.

Noticing the differences between the |German and British system - should immigrants pay in the system? should they be covered?

3. Create individual stories by each team member, in our languages. We agreed to do this by Monday and upload them on the forum. Jiri is going to write for health theme, Richard about social care, and Maria (??).


it zould be better if everyone could write on the health theme as this enables us to drive cross conversation- we are driving this topic for the next few weeks so…


Also incase you missed it - maybe help spread this around :slight_smile:

If you need a flyer


Hi @noemi. I’ve drafted my story on healthcare in Germany but am not sure where to post it. Also, are we having a virtual café meeting today? Is this instead of the Wednesday meeting? R


Hei hei, it sounds great!
Post it in Wellbeing in Europe - Everywhere, it’s in German right? Don’t forget a photo…

Our weekly call is on Wednesday (today we have an ER call about engagement - will post about it later in the week).


Hello @noemi, I did some proofreading of the themes’ descriptions and added my “health” story:)
@Maria also has her story ready and prooferead by me.

Btw. when using the translator, be careful to keep the sentences together, non-divided by line breaks or paragraphs (html coding or text format), it greatly reduces the quality of the translation. I tried to insert the same text as you did and it actually gave me more coherent results with no pre-editing needed. I guess this could be also caused by the browser, I use Chrome, better than Firefox, not sure about Safari and others…


Hi Jiri, thanks a lot!! You rock,

Good tip for the translation, will follow them! indeed, I was using Chrome.
Can you add the missing links to the Themes intros as they were in your original docs? Another thing that the translator doesnt keep is the links… so they disappeared when I copy pasted into the translator.

I took the liberty to post your story as a new topic, add a title and appropriate tags here?


I also translated the introduction text in the Czech subcategory, check if it makes sense? You should have edit options too, as a moderator:




And I also posted something using the translator… About an article I read. Please clean up after me if needed. As in, edit away if it sounds bad :-))