Virtual Cafe Wednesday 24th: what do you need help with?

Hei all,

Time to check in with everyone and see what we each do and where we need help,

Agenda: here are a few things from me, feel free to add in a comment:

1. Wellbeing funnel website: this week we are finalising it and promote it as a compelling intro to explain the project. All the links there lead people to the forum.

I need help from you all to check that the experience in your languages is OK.
Example: Czech version page needs to render all the posts from the Czech forum category. This should help us better promote the Call for Local connectors + Call for stories.
We will also be doing some final translations for the texts still in English (updates on materials to be translated here)

2. Onboarding the Polish new members

We have plenty of new great stories, courtesy of Aska and Miko. As community managers, our goal is to connect people with each other and understand the issues at the deeper level. We also want to learn about members’ expectations from this community and how to make sure everyone benefits the most.

To that end, we are planning the Virtual Cafes in Polish, with selected topics.

Time: Wednesday July 24th, 18:00 CEST (Brussels time)
Link to join the call: Launch Meeting - Zoom .
(open to anyone wanting to participate)

Please confirm your participation below, especially @Jirka_Kocian @Richard @MariaAlinaAsavei @natalia_skoczylas @AskaBednarczyk @Mikomann

PS: For quick project overview in the last months, ahead of the meeting please have a look at the summary: Six months of Wellbeing in Europe.

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Dziewczyny i chłopaki, mam nadzieje, że dacie radę dołączyć do nas 24 o 18 na callu - musicie ściągnąć zooma. Pogadamy o tym, jak nam idzie, co można zrobić lepiej, i co jest w planach dalej @AskaBednarczyk @Mikomann


I’ll be there.
Thanks Noemi :slight_smile:

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As always, looking forward to seeing you:)

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