Six months of Wellbeing in Europe: the quickest way to find your way in!

Hello all, Wellbeing in Europe community started in January 2019. After six months, there are many things happening and any feedback or reaction is useful!

Who’s who

40 participants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, living in these countries or abroad (primarily in the UK, Belgium, Germany). We have over 300 contributions (topics and comments) in 80 topics on the platform. People are connecting, and we know this by counting every time someone answers to another. A direct relationship forms when “Alice replies to Bob’s content”, and we have over 100 of these connections!

Nevertheless, wellbeing in Europe is about the people. Here’s a conversation map and a list of most interesting things happening which you can join directly :slight_smile:

News from the team

  • Part-time job for a #Czech community builder to join the project Wellbeing in Europe! Deadline for applications 15 July! Please share this announcement with your networks:

  • We are having delays in promoting our call for Local Connector in Serbia!
    Local Connectors in all the focus countries (Serbia, the Czech Rep., Poland) are community mobilizers on the ground who are tasked with facilitating conversations around new stories and knowledge on topics of maximum relevance in their country. Kudos to @zmuc, @wlayche, @Savana and @jasen_lakic for being the first ones to actively participate in the Serbian forum!

  • BONUS: We will have a German language conversation starting this fall! The papers are still being signed with the Partners running this project (learn more about POPREBEL here).
    What we need help with: Do you know people who would like to collect stories of how people live and access healthcare, work and opportunities, and cultivate spirituality? Do you know people who could organise community events in Germany? Get in touch with @Richard in a comment below.

  • We have published Community Social Contract. It explains how online participation on this forum works and what the expectations and promises are from the team towards each and every contributor. It is available and linkable from the main Edgeryders - Wellbeing in Europe. Is anyone up for translating it in Serbian-Croatian, German, Czech, Polish?

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Hey, I will do the Czech version of CSC, just give me a couple days.

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No promises because lots of things are happening here at the moment but I will try to do it by the end of the week.

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