Visas for people travelling from outside the EU - time to apply


Just a reminder that people who want to come to the festival from outside the EU will most likely need Visas. And this will take some time so it’s better to do applications from now. We can issue formal invitation letters within the next week, but we need a full list of people who wish to come. So @owen @hazem @zmorda @noemi and everyone who is in touch with people who want to come, please let them know that they need to contact us a.s.a.p by leaving a comment below.

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@nadia would it be possible to get an invitation letter so I can document my reason of travel to my university?

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Of course. I can send you one within 24 hrs. Glad you’re coming!!

@noemi Thank you! I am still getting the finances together, but want to be prepared so that when things line up, I’m set to go.

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me too i need a invitation letter , i’m from morocco

Pleass can i have the invitation letter.

me too , I would like also a formal invitation letter for my company as well , so if I could have two copies , thanks :slight_smile:

@alberto can you help? I don’t have access to printer here?

No, sorry. On the road. Maybe ask Anna?

I just emailed Ahmed a template letter,
looking forward to hear back!

@Marwa-Adam @Hamidi_Anouar let me know if you still need help. cc @hazem.

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