Waiting for the dashboard: a script to quantify the OpenCare conversation

While we hammer out the dashboard, here is a quick-and-dirty way to get up-to-date information on the OpenCare conversation. It is intended mostly for @Noemi and @Nadia, but you are all welcome to use it.

Works like this.

The following needs to be done only the first time you use the script:

  1. You need Python. All Macs have Python. I guess all non-Macs do, too. So that's covered.
  2. Open a Terminal window to install the libraries.
  3. type sudo pip install urllib2 (you will be asked for your system password) 
  4. type sudo pip install simplejson  (you will be asked for your system password) 
  5. Download this file and rename it data_Testing.py.

The following needs to be done every time you want fresh data

  1. Look for an application called IDLE, which is just a colorful interface for Python. Open it.
  2. From IDLE, open data_Testing.py
  3. from the "Run" menu, select "Run module".

Results look like this:

>>> ================================ RESTART ================================


comments: 1188 (758K words)

nodes: 164 (517K words)

users: 109


file_fid:15810 -


Hi @Alberto

I’m preparing the presentation for Florence. Could you send me some data updated about the platform?

In particular: number of users, stories, comments.

Thank you very much!



comments: 1712 (195K words)

stories: 255 (144K words)

users: 158