Waste management at Cairo University!

I am Kohar Garo Varjabedian and i am a Professor at Faculty of Science Cairo University (Egypt) and the director of Environment Communication Center at Cai Uni. For the last few years i have been involved in many environmental activities with the students at my university, spreading awareness about environmental problems and waste management. Recently i have applied for a project to convert the organic waste at the university to biofuel that can be utilized for energy puroses and got the approval to start the project. I am pleased to find people like you with whom i can share my experience and learn from your insights.

… and the other way around!

Welcome, Kohar! Learning goes in all directions, and I am sure we can learn from you too. Has your project started yet?

Waste wise, the more knowledgeable of edgeryders is probably @msanti from Italy; @elf Pavlik from Earth (he does not recognize states, so I don’t attribute him to any of them) was involved in pretty advanced upcycling/recycling activities at the unMonastery; in Spot The Future, but on the Armenian side, @Vahagn is also a devoted upcycler.