We are serious about this game! - PLAY TEST WITNESS THE CARD GAME WITH US

We are developing a card game for a playful entry into the SciFi world “Witness” and from there into some really fun and deep conversations about economics, science fiction, and the good type of weirdness.

It is being designed by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne who is a Nebula Award-nominated science fiction author and an architect of Witness, Navin Weeraratne a tabletop game designer with 20 years of experience running private and commercial workshops, teaching multiplex decision making and the ScifiEconomics Lab as well as Edgeryders own @nadia El-Imam and @Owen Gothill.

Soon we are going to open up our test gaming sessions for those interested.

The test games will be held via zoom with prototype printout card sets. A digital supported version of the game will be developed later in the year once we have balanced the game as far as a SciFi-economics simulation with regular disasters can be balanced.

The current test game schedule is as follows:

  • 12th of August: Closed Test Game Session with the Designers #1

  • 19th of August: Closed Test Game Session with the Designers #2

  • 24th of August: Open Test Game Session #1: Comment below if you would like to join

  • 26th of August: Open Test Game Session #2: Comment below if you would like to join

  • 31st of August: Open Test Game Session #3: Comment below if you would like to join


@MariaEuler I would like to join. Am guessing that the community who have been contributing to the scifi economics discussion, and developing witnesspedia also might be interested. Maybe @ivan can help reach out to the individuals in the scene?


Well, well :slight_smile:

Ping :slight_smile: thought you might be interested in this!

@hugi , @matteo_uguzzoni , @noemi, @amelia , @bob , @FrankD , @jean_russell , @daniel_vaarik , @henri37 , @Joriam , @iamkat, @kate_g , @johncoate , @howard_rheingold , @IvanV , @markomanka , @luciascopelliti , @zoescope , @lylycarrillo , @prgrzn_10 , @Justin, @amelia , @sedachka , @katjab , @RobvanKranenburg

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count me in, please


Certainly, I would be glad to do that


Yes yes yes!! I’m up for the playtest, worked a lot on card games lately, super excited about this!! I can involve some of my colleagues at the MICA Game Design program :slight_smile: ?


Interested although travelling & uncertain about my chance to logIN! - Martin

Interested in joining the session on 24 August 7 pm. Thanks for this:) I’m really curious how it will roll out.

Hey :slight_smile: long time, all good? Yes it’s cool to invite them, would be great actually! We can use all the feedback from experienced game designers - it’s the first time at this for myself at least. Have played around with cards before for performance pieces - but nothing that would be played by others :))

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The more the merrier. Especially who like to give their feedback and opinion :).


We will also host some “offline sessions” at House Blivande in Stockholm in September :).

New to posting here, but love the project, and love trying out new thought-provoking games. I’d love to join on the 26th or 31st!


Hei this looks interesting - very curious to see how the narrative evolved into the game!
@MariaEuler sign me up for the session on the 24th as well,
Is there anything participants are asked to prepare before?


Will update everyone a week ahead of the game :slight_smile:

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Hi all, just joining now, and interested to participate, however I’m away between August 22 and 31. Any hope of joining the Aug. 19 closed session? Otherwise, I guess there’ll be others.

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There will be more sessions in September :slight_smile:

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count me in for the 31th

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wanna join!