We are serious about this game! - PLAY TEST WITNESS THE CARD GAME WITH US

I’d like to join

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I’d like to join on Aug 24. Looking forward!

Hi, I am keen to join the play testing on 24th- thanks Alberto for making the connection…

Hey everyone, is there a print and play set that we should download and print before tomorrow? Where I can find it? Thanks in advance, see you soon!

Dear Witness testers and scifi-econominauts,

We are very sorry, due to illness we have to reschedule our open test sessions with you.

Everyone who commented in this chat will also be informed about this in direct message.

The best way to stay closest to the pulse of the development and know the planned dates I advance is to check out this thread:

To the future!


Amazing! Thanks for tagging me @nadia

I see that there is a session today and on Tuesday. Are they still going on @MariaEuler

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The sessions are all beeing reshedulee currently.

hej guys just a test here

Let me know when they are rescheduled. My interest stays! :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone. It has been a challenging ride till now because we needed to shape the game properly but the test sessions are now on. We are still keeping them close but if you wish to join, sneak a peek, provide feedback and perhaps candidate yourself for hosting a breakout room on the event on 29 - please post a note in this thread and according to availability I will send you the Zoom link. An hour+ of your time is necessary.

This week they are scheduled every day at 9 AM and 6 PM CET.

On the other hand, it is important to register for the 29 November event, if you still have not done it, please do it - the link is here.