We now have a "start" page for Edgeryders

Edgeryders has been around for what, 10 years now? During most of that time we never even had a “website” - rather it has been a community forum with many different conversations happening at the same time. Those who wish to discover, collaborate with or support community members’ work, and those of the edgeryders organisation have had to put in significant effort.

Why have we not done it? A website for something as dynamic as edgeryders is useless unless it is kept continuously up to date. Either that or you have a good newsletter. This requires time that the core crew running edgeryders don’t always have.

The ways to navigate the site has so far been:

  • find your way into one of the projects via a link shared on social media
  • use the search button
  • introduce yourself and your interests to the community and be pointed to relevant posts and projects
  • subscribe to email notifications from a category or subcategory

Behind the scenes @Owen and I have been working on an easy-to-maintain solution that gives a curated up to date overview of what is happening in different places. You update it via tags on posts on the website:

  • news
  • pages
  • events
  • projects

Have a look and see what you think: start.edgeryders.eu


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@nadia great to have a website! very usuful when I present Edgeryders to my students and colleagues!

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