Weaving the threads of a deep green conversation

Hi @amelia @alberto I am not following the timeline of when you guys are doing the ethnographic coding and SSNA. So ignore this request if it is out of time/Scope :slight_smile:

Context: I am trying to get an overview of what emerges around climate/eco/sustainability from the different conversations in here over the years.

Ahead of the festival and a bunch of talks where I present our work so far, I am trying to get to grips to the emerging themes/content of a conversation around climate. And have 4 questions:

  1. With the first MENA conversation, did you code stories pick up on threads related to ecology/climate?

  2. How about OpenCare/OpenVillage Festival?

  3. Anything else I am not seeing/have missed?

  4. Possible to do a batch of coding and ssna vis on these ones?

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Only Deep Green Tech Workshop was coded.

Some of these (like the impact one) are not even in Internet of Humans. Of course, if we decide they are relevant to the project, we can put them in the coding queue via ethno-ioh tag.

yes they are relevant.

What about the older stuff? Opencare, openvillage, festival…