Weaving the threads of a deep green conversation

Hi @amelia @alberto I am not following the timeline of when you guys are doing the ethnographic coding and SSNA. So ignore this request if it is out of time/Scope :slight_smile:

Context: I am trying to get an overview of what emerges around climate/eco/sustainability from the different conversations in here over the years.

Ahead of the festival and a bunch of talks where I present our work so far, I am trying to get to grips to the emerging themes/content of a conversation around climate. And have 4 questions:

  1. With the first MENA conversation, did you code stories pick up on threads related to ecology/climate?

  2. How about OpenCare/OpenVillage Festival?

  3. Anything else I am not seeing/have missed?

  4. Possible to do a batch of coding and ssna vis on these ones?

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Only https://edgeryders.eu/t/deep-green-tech-workshop/10191 was coded.

Some of these (like the impact one) are not even in #ioh. Of course, if we decide they are relevant to the project, we can put them in the coding queue via ethno-ioh tag.

yes they are relevant.

What about the older stuff? Opencare, openvillage, festival…