Web and tech development team

Welcome to the Tech team! If you arrived here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below saying what you are up for helping with. Nothing happens on Edgeryders until we start interacting with one another, so anything you want to do or see done, let others know by commenting.

Team description

We’re taking LOTE4 as an opportunity to prototype a new event format, one where participation is not free, it can only be earned. If you are interested to join and earn your ticket consider collaborating with others in a variety of tech tasks, some dedicated to Lote4, some meant to improve our online platform and make it easier for anyone to find what they are looking for on Edgeryders.

This team is looking for 2 coordinators. Let us know in a comment if you are up for the role - more about what coordination means here!

Tasks available in this team

Create a list of Edgeryders user requirements

Design banners, badges, ads and icons community members can use to represent Edgeryders

Design icons for Project Page

Information architecture

Programming: Translate design into CSS

Programming: Inject new CSS code into Edgeryders.eu

Design: Clean up the visuals on the website

…or add a new task if you want to contribute with something else!

*TIP: Check the Edgeryders Developers group to ask what else they need help with

Steps to get your Lote4 ticket

  1. Pick a task of the ones above and complete it. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment on the page. Each task is worth a proportion of the ticket value, and you need to complete enough of them to get one and come to Matera.

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

Program CSS

Not sure if the intention is to discuss all issues around tech on this thread, or create separate tasks but I just finished writing the CSS for the program page: /t/lote4-the-stewardship/359-conference-sessions

This design was something @Nadia myself and @Matthias discussed on a call last week. I’ve got it to the best place I can - let me know your thoughts.

One issue is font size, not sure why it’s so small, doesn’t correlate with my test environment and I can’t seem to figure out where it’s getting overwritten and !important isn’t working to prioritise. Main issue is body text on each event, any thoughts @Matthias? If you want to take a look it’s in the CSS injector under LOTE PROGRAM.


…thanks guys! and then another great improvement would be if the program could be shown in 3 columns, one for each day? Right now it’s hard to follow, one needs to scroll down for like a minute :slight_smile:

Was thinking this

I can try and make this improvement, there are some limits to what the CSS allows but I’ll give it a go - only issue will be the sizing, everything will need to get a lot smaller!

Get menu on preliminary program page?

It's going to take some time till the community built program looks decent contentwise, so we use the preliminary program as a starting point.  But we need the menu leading to other parts of the minisite on on it...I cant get to travel info etc from it now. 
Once that's done I could use help in getting the two top bits of the preliminary program on to the community built program. So it looks like the preliminary program.


There seem’s to be an issue - the page layout option doesn’t appear, tried recreating the page and it also didn’t work. @Matthias any idea what’s up with this?


Hi @#46, the two buttons at the bottom of the screen are just for added comfort in Drupal, you can add them by going to “Panelizer → Settings” on that page and enabling “In-Place Editor”. I just did so. If you do not have these buttons, the equivalents (plus some more options), are “Panelizer → Content” and “Panelizer → Layout” on the page.

ok menue working, but

for some reason the group menu looks different from the one on the other pages in that group. /t/lote4-the-stewardship/359-program-0


How did you get it to let you customise the page?

Not sure why menu isn’t working, I check in on the CSS and it’s meant to be applied to all pages. Looking at the CSS it appears to not be calling from the CSS file, it’s just default.

As for the community program, I added the 2 top tables from the other program and applied CSS to the page but for some reason none of it’s showing up - it’s then when I press edit but I assume since this is a new custom block there’s something @Matthias will need to adjust to make it show. On the subject of this program - two issues I need help with:

  1. I can’t find away to stack individual days in columns side by side with the handles that are currently available - i.e Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3, there’s no unique class associated with different days to apply rules too.

  2. Is there a delay in the caching of CSS changes? I noticed that I changed the font sizes and it didn’t take effect for a couple of days and then when I wanted to change it back today my edit didn’t seem to make any difference.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @#46, hope this helps:

1. I can’t find away to stack individual days in columns side by side

You could use a selector like .view-conference-events .view-grouping {…} to get the columns (though not each one separately) and then assign floating and limited widths to them to get them side-bu-side. If you want to do something to individual day columns, there is the CSS3 :nth-child() selector (not too pretty a solution tho …). If all that is not what you are looking for, I’d need to do some templating as a proper solution.

However, maybe it’s not worth the effort to try column-wise display at all? You will not be able to get a grid-layout as in you nice static HTML program, because the columns are independent here, not like in a table. But I remember that in the call, Nadia showed the example from that barcamp format conference where it was no grid either, but a list of days (like now, not even independent columns).

2. Is there a delay in the caching of CSS changes?

Aw, yes, sorry I forgot to tell. We have CSS minifying and aggregation enabled for performance reasons, effectively resulting in CSS caching. So when using CSS injector, click “Clear all caches” here after an edit. Or for a more convenient solution, temporarily disable “Aggregate and compress CSS files.” on that page until you are done with your editing.

As for the community program, I added the 2 top tables from the other program and applied CSS to the page but for some reason none of it’s showing up

Sorry, don’t get it. Where is the community program (URL)? What is not showing up, the top tables or the CSS changes? Are the CSS changes again due to the caching issue maybe? There’s nothing I am aware of that I need to do to custom blocks first. If the block is there, you can style it …

Community program fixed

Ok @#46, I understand now what you meant re. “As for the community program, I added the 2 top tables from the other program and applied CSS to the page but for some reason none of it’s showing up”. That was because I had assumed you wanted only the program view on that page, so I had deleted the “Node → Node content” element from it. I just added it again via the “Customize this page”, so the static content you added to this minisite page shows up now :slight_smile:


To add a menu next time, just remember that you also need to tell Drupal which CSS styling it should get (i.e., assign the lote4menu ID value). It’s explained under point 6.8 in wiki “Organizing a conference with edgeryders.eu:slight_smile:



Ignore my request for details @Nadia I didn’t see @Matthias comment :slight_smile:

Colours of OG menue

Hi guys, for visual consistency I would like to change the colours of

  1. the background colour of the LOTE4 minisite header from white to light grey: #d1d3d4

  2. the colours of the OG menu to work with the rest of the design. Now it is black tex against white background, when you hover over a menu item the colours reverse. Is it possible to change it to:

Default colour of menu item texts: White text against light grey background, #d1d3d4

On hover: Instead of black highlight, orange #f15a31

For reference:

Fixed, almost

Adapted the colors to your liking, but will now go in to also remove the gap between header image and menu. But just letting you know so @Nadia can go get a good night’s sleep now :slight_smile:

Update: Finally I got the gap eliminated as well. (Why would anybody use four different CSS rules to create one gap? Only in 2014 …)


So happy this morning! we’re ready to launch. WOOP WOOP!!

Closing the registration feedback loop

Hi everyone,

It seems we need some elegant way to let people confirm to us if they really are coming to LOTE4 and to connect with other people already registered ahead of the event.

We have discussed several alternatives. To know which is the best alternative I need help from the Web and Tech team to do two things:

  1. Can you create a view which displays the avatars of every members who is signed up to attend any of the events for a group? Reason: We would like a view showing all the people who have signed up to attend one or more session at lote4, and we can ask people to confirm they are attending by signing up to the sessions they are most interested in (which also helps us to plan how many chairs etc are needed in rooms)

  2. Can you make it possible for admins to manually add members to events? We can do this for groups but apparently not for events at the moment. Reason: if we cannot do #1 then another way we could display who is coming is by creating one event for lote4 and adding everyone who has secured a ticket to it without annoying people by asking them to sign up for yet another step.

@Matthias what do you say?

Ok let’s try the view

Re. the proposed view (your #1), I can try to create it. It may or may not be possible with reasonable effort, since events use a special “event registration” data type that does not integrate with views too well …

The second solution would also work, and is possible right now because admins can masquerade as other users (that is, use the platform under other accounts, by visiting a user profile and choosing the “masquerade as [username]” link).

I vote for #2

… because

1. participation has/is being confirmed already

we know who’s coming or has confirmed, and @Natalia_Skoczylas is in contact with people; I think it would be redundant to have them register as a way to confirm participation again.

  1. We need a simple way to onboard new people who are coming and don;t have to go through MakerFox since there’s no longer time for that anyway. By registering for the event we have it clear who wants to come but hasn’t exactly done work and can send them tickets right away.