Webkit components and standard styling for outward facing sites and forms

Our goal

We want to be able to set up and edit websites using pre-styled standard elements from the webkit. A key component here is being able to set up forms that help funnel and onboard people to do different things.

What we want to facilitate for the participant:
It is easy to do one or more of the following:

  1. Find and contribute to a specific conversation
  2. Make their expertise visible and accessible to people who might want to engage them in projects/freelance work,
  3. Make their organisation visible and accessible so that people can discover and enlist/buy/promote/build partnerships with them
  4. Register to a specific event or several events at the same time.
  5. That the process cuts down the need to move between different pages to create an account, contribute to a conversation and or register to an event - everything can be combined into a one-stop url.

What we want to facilitate for event organiser/ person setting up a webpage or site using the webkit:

  1. That they have different standard webkit form elements, that they can mix into a specific form:

    • Personal/ professional block: Same functionality and layout of This form, but with these Default questions

    • Business/ organisation block: Same functionality and layout of This form, but with these Default questions

    • Event registration block: same layout and functionality of this form, but with added functionality of all available events being automatically included in the form with checkbox for each, and that user can opt to register for multiple events at the same time, with these Default questions

    • Standalone slideshow form block: same functionality and layout of register.edgeryders.eu, but with no standard questions.

  2. That they can edit the webpage or site by modifying code posted in a dedicated discourse topic (post on the platform)

  3. That the onboarding process is simplified thanks to Login via SSO: If the person filling in the form is already signed in as an edgeryders member - they just complete the form fields and when they submit, their contents are posted on the platform. If the person filling in the form does not have an edgeryders account, a new one is created for them automatically. Once they have confirmed their accounts the content is posted on the platform by their newly created user account.

  4. That they can add a checkbox with popup content. E.g to ensure a respondent has given consent for their data to be used a certain way, or for being put on a mailing list

  5. Ideally: That we can edit the contents of both confirmation message, and automated verification email.

  6. That they can set this up with minimal dependence on developers.

What this requires in practice

As a form creator:

  • You need to be able to string together/ combine different standard webkit form modules with other modules from the webkit into one page/ url.
  • You need to be able to easily find both the form you have created, and the responses to it (either via a tag search, or ideally, have both form and responses published in a dedicated subcategory on the platform) ie associate a form with a category, topic and or tag
  • You should be able to can determine which parts of the form are only visible to the Edgeryders community managers, and the person who has filled in the form
  • You should be able to include multiple choice options (checkboxes)
  • Do most of this through a wizard (i.e without being dependent on having access to a developer or being able to read long swaths of text containing highly technical instructables)

As a form respondent:

  • you need to be able to fill in any form as a signed in Edgeryders member and have the form show up in your activity feeds so that you can find it
  • you should be able to have all the available events to choose from show up with a checkbox for each - so you can register to multiple events at the same time.

Translation of what this means/requires into features requested:

  1. Markup in a Discourse topic that is the established standard of configuration for a form.
  2. A site to display & answer user created forms.
  3. A ‘configuration wizard’ to easily create (or edit) a form for any non technical user
  4. Each form can be referenced and displayed on any webkit site.
  5. Each form can create an account or use an existing account to post the response.

State of completion of the feature - development

  • Feature 1: done, requires documentation
  • Feature 2: not done, estimated level of difficulty/ time requirement is -
  • Feature 3: requires the post to Discourse feature to work (feature 5).
  • Feature 4: done, requires documentation
  • Feature 5: is being worked on by @nirgal.

Remaining work: Tech development

What we have now:

  • A form component that reads from a configuration topic that can be hosted and edited on Discourse
  • It creates an account (yet to be tested)
  • It posts a topic to Discourse (yet to be tested)

What is being worked on right now:

  • Logging in existing user
  • Posting to an existing topic / category
  • Testing all use cases

What remains to be done:

  • Put together the standard webkit visual language: fonts, colour scheme, links, buttons etc
  • Production of configuration wizard: to easily create (or edit) a form for any non technical user
  • Input components from freelance form
  • Build webkit standard form Layouts:
    • Full page with slides
    • Standard lock module view
  • Clear markup for configuring and styling
  • Reference a form by topic ID => reuse on different sites and layouts.
  • Do more work on the script James wrote to be able to update existing topics (in order to get the wizard to work).

Remaining work: Production of (NON TECHNICAL) manual for event organisers

  • We want to get to: ‘configuration wizard’ to easily create (or edit) a form for any non technical user
  • To get this wizard to work we need the script James wrote to be able to update existing topics.

FAQs from event organisaters:

  1. How do we create a new page from the webkit and how do we upload content into it (text + images)?
  2. How do we define/ create a link between each form and the relevant topic (e.g event) or category or tag that is on the edgeryders.eu platform?
  3. Can we have a directory of what tag is to be used to feature content in a dynamically updated webkit module?
  4. Step by step description of the process from filling in the form all the way to where you can see your content posted on the platform.
  5. Where/ how can the contents of that confirmation email be edited?
  6. What does the definitive version of the consent funnel that has been oked by the research team and our ethical advisors contain?
    • Events consent funnel: add url here
    • Platform conversation consent funnel: add url here

hi @hugi @nirgal @kajafarszky @owen - can we schedule a call to go through the above and ensure we are aligned in what of the above is to be prioritised, who is doing what and by when?

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Yes, that sounds reasonable. @owen?

Yep - I’ll leave date & time to you, no preference here :slight_smile:

@hugi @owen @nirgal - how about tomorrow (thursday) at 10h or 17h ?

Next week is better for me, this week is really crazy – back to back meetings. I could do Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon for example.

I could tomorrow 17h, or next week, tuesday or wednesday would be fine.

Ok. Next Tuesday at 10h?

@owen @nadia @hugi @nirgal - any news for you schedule tomorrow at 10h? Thanks!

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Tomorrow at 10 works for me. @kajafarszky we could use the end part of the call to cover the configuration of the templates to consolidate time, since they’re connected.

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Sounds good for me!

yes works for me.

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I’m in this room - https://now.edgeryders.eu/room/team for the meeting now.