Weekend 25th March


We have found a place to meet and spend time together on the 25th of March.
The meeting will take place just outside Leuven in Hevelee.

  • Easy to reach by car or public transport
  • Reasonable price
  • Next to a big park
  • Historic farmhouse
  • Good facilities
  • Walking distance from Leuven

The place we have reserved for 15 people is: Hotels :: The Lodge Group - Hotels, Brasseries and Party Halls

The meeting room: https://www.kruul.be/

The approximate price is:

  • Sleeping one adult 80 euros a night.
  • Meeting on Sunday would be 400 euros (divided by attendants)
  • catering is possible

We still need to finalise some detail about kids staying. And we will come back to you on that.

Questions we need answered:

  • How many people can confirm they want to sleep over?
  • How many children and which ages are included?
  • Would these children need a separate bed?

Obviously this is a large booking with a corresponding price. We need your confirmation by Tuesday 28th.


Thanks, @Dave_behave

Answers from us (Ugnė/Manuel/Ada):

  • we (3) would like to sleep over
  • Ada : 2,5 years old
  • is possible , separate bed, if not, we will manage 3 in 1 bed (if double bed is available)


Additional information:

  • The reservation is only for double rooms. Some with one double bed (for the couples among us) and the rest of the rooms are made up of 2 single beds.
  • Breakfast is included in the price (according to reviews is very good)

What Team Logistics needs now is a confirmation from every one if they want to stay over or if they will only join for the meeting on Sunday. And if the enthousiasm is limited we will cancel this (free cancellation until 22/03) and look into making fun plans for Saturday (without booking accomodation) and book a seperate meeting room on Sunday. :slight_smile:

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So sorry I can’t make this as I’ll be in England. Hope it goes really well, and looking forward to meeting people another time!

Hi ! Thank you for the research Dave and Lara !

For my part, in that case, I will not sleep over but I am up for coming on Sunday. (400€ / 15 = 26,67€ per person if 15 participants)

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Hi y’all,
Thanks a lot for researching this!
@BarbaraG, Alicia and I would be present for the meeting on Sunday, and we would be up for an activity on Saturday (there or somewhere else) but would prefer sleeping at home.

Thanks Dave. I am happy to join any team activities, meetings and fun time on Saturday and Sunday and prefer to sleep at home.

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Cheers Dave! Answers below:

  • The 3 of us would like to sleep over (@Nele , me, and our daughter Zohra)
  • Zohra will be 1 year and 5 months old
  • We’d like a baby bed/cot for her, but if necessary, she can sleep in our bed.

Is anyone traveling from Brussels by car? We’ve got a travel baby bed that we could bring in case there are no more baby beds for our daughter, and we’d be grateful for some help with bringing it to Heverlee :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @Dave_behave and @Lara!

I would like to sleep over and at the same time I am feeling a bit torn about the fact that the price of a sleepover is not accessible to everybody. For me that would be an argument to just stay in Brussels I think.

The price of the meeting room however I would propose to invoice to The Reef. 400 euro is a bit more than what we had budgeted for meeting rooms, but that should be easy to overcome with a short post in the “unforeseen expenses” thread, no?


Thanks @reef-logistics for all you work with this!

If this is the plan, then Sarah and I will take a double room for the Saturday night :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, thanks for putting this together. I would sleep over :slight_smile:

I agree… Especially if we do have a day together on Saturday, it would certainly be nicer if everybody could join…


Also agree to this. What about planning something in Brussels and having dinner together on Saturday night?

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Hi all, we (@JeremyH and me) also agree and are happy to do something here in Brussels. Makes life also easier with the kid :wink:

Hi all, thanks for your work. I will not sleep over but happy to join you the day we are going to meet (is it on Sunday or Saturday?). Many thanks

I’m afraid I missed the deadline to reply, but seeing as it’s all double rooms: @lenaftng, would you be up for sharing your room with me (2 single beds)? I’d like to sleep over if that’s still the plan and possible.

Hi everyone!

Seeing the different concerns Dave and I have dropped the staying-over part of the weekend and instead we will organize a day together on Saturday (and a location for Sunday of course).

If you have suggestions or ideas of what we could do together, now is the time - shoot! :smiley:


Hi @Lara and @Dave_behave,

Thanks a lot for taking this on you. I realise now that there must have been a misunderstanding about the Saturday, which is probably on me.

So what we had in mind in the Coordination Group is to use part of the Saturday for some deeper reflection and/or some team building activities. The most important one that we have on the list would be the “holistic mandala”, which is an exercise in which a group tries to translate its values (very abstract) into more concrete principles and even actions.

@reef-conflict, would you be willing to take responsibility for the organisation of the activities on Saturday? This could be a mix of mandalas and whatnot and other more relaxing activities (whatever people like).

In practical terms: @reef-logistics,

  • Would you be willing to check with GC Ten Weyngaert whether we can rent one or two rooms from Saturday until Sunday early evening, and then if the price is reasonable book it?

  • Would you be willing to make a plan regarding food, drinks and other logistics (e.g. pillows or whatever we need)? No need to everything yourself, but it would be really helpful if a couple of people could lead the way.

I can take care of the agenda for Sunday (based on what we discussed in the Coordination Group), so then we just need 2-3 people to facilitate the plenary sessions on Sunday?


I’m sure that between us we can do something along those lines. However, it would be good to get some feedback from the group about what people would like to get from that Saturday session. We already have ‘translating values into concrete principles/actions’ and ‘relaxing activities’. Feel free to make suggestions here…

I’m sure that Team Facilitation can cover that… is that ok for you @BarbaraG and @RalfWetzel ?

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@reef-logistics: we have a car, in case that would help in any way! (Depending on where we will meet, we would also need to use it to get there, or we could fully offer it for transporting stuff.)

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