Weekend 25th March

Hey Lee,

Thank you for the information! I personally definitely had a different picture for the Saturday before (informal get-together).

I just had a call with the GC Ten Weyngaert and they suggested to book the Lodewijk de Raet zaal.
The price seemed reasonable to me, so I directly made a reservation on the website.

What I still need to know:
It’s 30EUR per started slot, and the slots are: 08:00 tot 13:00 / 11:00 tot 19:00 / 17:00 tot 22:00
@Lee + @reef-community please let me know the end and start time of each day. The biggest question for me is if we will use the room after 17h, because that would mean that we start a new slot.

@Lee just for info: I needed to give the name and telephone number of the “responsible person” of The Reef. I gave yours, but put my information as contact person.

Second point for food/drink/logistics noted (tagging @Dave_behave). @reef-community and @reef-facilitation: please reach out regarding your needs for those two days.


Thanks a lot @Lara!

I can’t really see how big this De Raet room. Are you sure it’s big enough to do break-out groups? Also: would you know whether the room that we usually use (first floor to the right) is available?

The time slot question makes my brain hurt (I don’t understand it), but I would say on Saturday we need a room from 12 until 6 (so we can go for dinner afterwards), and on Sunday I would say from 10 until 5. Would that make sense?

For those that are interested, I started a separate post for the logistics of the weekend. Link below.

What’s most interesting for all @reeflings at this time is that we will meet up at GC Ten Weyngaert at Vorst/Forest on Saturday and Sunday 25/26 of March.

This is not a final planning, but just an idea for the timing and food plans. The final info will still come.
Sat: optional potluck brunch/lunch (if weather permits in the park) then afternoon activities in the meeting room, optional dinner in the area
Sun: start at ±10am, sandwich lunch, meeting until ±17h