Weekend 25-26 march - Logistics

Making a separate post specifically for the logistics of the weekend.

Just spoke to the GC Ten Weyngaert:

  • Meeting room 1 (first floor to the right, for ±30ppl) is not available that day (I guess that’s why it wasn’t suggested to me)
  • The Lodewijk de Raet room is a lot bigger than meeting room 1 (for ±60ppl), so no lack of space for breakout groups; price is the same as room 1
  • costs meeting room: for our timing needs it will be 150 EUR for both days
  • if we want to use the kitchen (for cutlery, cups, etc.) it will cost us 80 EUR per day (for the time slots I discussed with Lee yesterday)
  • if we bring our own drinks it’s 1 EUR per participant “stopselgeld”

Summary of yesterday’s discussion with @Lee (this is not a final planning, but just an idea for the timing and food plans):
Sat: optional potluck brunch/lunch (if weather permits in the park) then afternoon activities in the meeting room, optional dinner in the area
Sun: start at ±10am, sandwich lunch, meeting until ±17h

Budget summary for both days: costs for the meeting room would be 150 EUR. Renting the kitchen (or rather stuff from the kitchen) it would be 200 EUR IF we decide to take it. We need to pay 1 EUR per person since we are taking our own drinks/food. Personally I think we can do without the kitchen and arrange this ourselves, so I haven’t requested it. Costs for drinks and food - I’m guessing about 10 to 15 EUR per person.

@reef-facilitation @Lee Let @reef-logistics know if you have needs that we could help you with.

@Dave_behave and I will coordinate food, drinks, money box, dishes… and we will reach out for help when needed.

Please let me know if you have questions and if I forgot something :slight_smile:


Hi Lara, thank you for organising this! @Nele and I will both be joining. We still need to figure out how to organise ourselves with our daughter - probably, sometimes Zohra will be with us, and sometimes just one of us will attend the sessions.

Hi @Lara What time will the activities start on Saturday? I will need to get back to Brussels and a specific time would help me to plan better.

Hey Vicky,
See Chris’ reply to my question on the planning on Lie’s thread. Timing is not fixed yet. (The Reeflings weekend (25-26/03): making it real)

Hello dear @reeflings!

Our reflection weekend is coming up and a few teams would like to know who will finally participate at what part of the weekend, to fine-tune the planning.

Could you please fill in this poll until (ideally) Wednesday? (If you miss this deadline no worries, still reply please :slight_smile: )

  • Meeting Saturday (14h - 19h)
  • Meeting Sunday (10h - 17h)
  • Optional: Social potluck lunch on Saturday (arrival as of 12.30, eat as of 13h)
  • Optional: Dinner on Saturday evening (in restaurant in neighborhood)
  • Optional: Sandwich lunch on Sunday (costs will be divided between participants)

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Location: GC Ten Weyngaert, Bondgenotenstraat 54, 1190 Vorst

Meeting room → NEW !!
We will not be in our “usual” meeting room, but in the "Lodewijk De Raet" one.

On Saturday you can come anytime as of 12.30h (no matter if you participate at the potluck, or not).
On Sunday doors open at 9.30h.

Please bring your own cup, glass, plate and cutlery to avoid that one or two people have to transport a ton of porcelain. (We’ll bring some backups.) We will also bring sponges/dish washing soap so that we can clean everything after use.

And does someone have a drip coffee maker? (something like this https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/16f77040-27ab-4008-9852-59c900d7a7d9_1.c524f1d9c465e122596bf65f939c8d26.jpeg) Also looking for someone to bring a water boiler. PM me. (in both cases: please only if you will be present at the potluck on Saturday.)

If I forgot something or you have more questions, don’t hesitate to let me know :slight_smile:

Looking forward!


thank you so much for organising this!! looking forward!!

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Thanks a lot @Lara!

I don’t have an electric coffee drip, but I do have two plastic filters and paper filter bags. I use these with a water boiler and it works fine. Let me know if you’d like me to bring one?

Hey @Lee!
Yes, I noted it down, but hoping that maaaybe someone has an electric one, because it would be a lot easier with the quantity that we will have to produce. And if not, we will use the manual method!

So unless I write something else, please do bring the two plastic filters and the paper filter bag, and I believe you said that you have a thermos, right? (Will try to organiye a second one probably, if we do it manually.) :slight_smile: (And the tea please. Do you think we need more? If so, how many boxes?) You can reply in PM of course :slight_smile:

I have one kettle, do you need it?

Hey Maria Claudia! I think you won’t be there on Saturday, right? If that’s the case it’s better if someone brings it that will be there on Sat. But thank you :slight_smile:

@Dave_behave I just un-did my votes… except one - because otherwise the system won’t let me click on “vote now”. So, no, I won’t be at the potluck, I just had to keep one vote for technical reasons. (@reef-it how to un-vote ALL votes?)