Weekly Covid2019 Community Response Call

from Owen:

"If you’re hosting a call in the next few days, you can try out our video conference platform. It’s early stages, but I think it will eventually be a viable alternative to zoom: http://now.edgeryders.eu

You can create a room simply by going to ‘now.edgeryders.eu/’ + ‘room name’. It supports up to 2000 rooms and 200 participants per call. More on this shortly, but you can feel free to test it out."

I’ll be there!
If I can help with anything let me know,

I don’t know if most people joining would be those who already registered to contribute to the community covid response, but I think what would be useful would be to build small teams around the 3 strands of contributions - hosting calls, supporting projects, sourcing stories.
Many people are doing lonely work these days in front of the computer, but if we could coordinate for small goals - dedicated themed calls, or prioritising 2-3 projects on which collectives work, it would go a long way.

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would be helpful pinging people on the list to let them know this is happening?

Ahead of the call, this is the breakdown we have

@noemi @MariaEuler @amelia

Nice! Glad that we are getting volunteers.

I can’t join this call til 4:30 today, just a heads up, but will jump on then.

Can’t today - have an Earth OS interview at the same time.

Please on which standard? 5 pm is it the same hour in Tunisia?

It is 5 pm CEST (e.g. Brussels)

Would like to bring up work.edgeryders.eu at the call today!
Next steps for OCI Lab
Webinar & Community Call Schedule: Proposals/Wishlist
Plus the new kanban board interface for coordinating work: https://edgeryders.eu/c/ocilab/workspace/l/latest?board=default

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Topic proposal for the call on Monday, April 6: Webinar building and onboarding

Hi guys,

I thought it might be a good time for us to define a nice smooth flow to onboard and coordinate people around the online platform activities/conversations before, during, and after the webinars.

So perhaps it could be a good idea to dedicate the call this monday (6th April) to figuring this out together?

We could over three things:

  • start by updating one another on the status of webinars under development.
  • Then look at how we have done things in the past, what worked well/less well.
  • Explore new options we have (including tools like the custom made registration - account creation and posting forms, live.edgeryders.eu or the new messaging app that Owen is building)

If you have anything you would especially like us to cover, please add them in a comment below!


How we did it in the past:
We have collected quite some feedback after the Academy Webinar, which made a nice follow up that you can see both on the webinar page + the feedback page. This was a webinar to deliver content from practitioners. But if we run webinars meant to open conversations, then I would imagine each quote - see on the Academy right side content roll turned into an engaging post.

Can I unpin this topic now that we have the list with all calls? Do not want to have too many pinned topics.

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Hi Nadia!

I am just seeing this. Is it still possible to get involved?

hey, sure - @MariaEuler will be posting a summary from the call we had yesterday online, hopefully tomorrow or the day after.

here they are:

ping @daveed the summary from the last two calls are posted above - let us know what if anything looks interesting to you. If there is something else you have in mind, please do share it - the effort is shaped by the community.

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