Weekly Covid2019 Community Response Call


Dear Community,

While we are forced to keep a physical distance to each other we want to come together regularly to discuss our and your challenges, plans and responses.

As the Edgeryders team, we want to find ways to help our community and beyond to get through this crisis.

Therefore we now open our weekly team calls for the whole community to join in and give us their ideas and feedback. We want to discuss strategies and the situation fully transparent and also check in with each other socially.

**Join us every Monday 17:00 to 18:00 at **

All the best wishes to everyone.
We are looking forward to talking to you.


from Owen:

"If you’re hosting a call in the next few days, you can try out our video conference platform. It’s early stages, but I think it will eventually be a viable alternative to zoom: http://now.edgeryders.eu

You can create a room simply by going to ‘now.edgeryders.eu/’ + ‘room name’. It supports up to 2000 rooms and 200 participants per call. More on this shortly, but you can feel free to test it out."

I’ll be there!
If I can help with anything let me know,

I don’t know if most people joining would be those who already registered to contribute to the community covid response, but I think what would be useful would be to build small teams around the 3 strands of contributions - hosting calls, supporting projects, sourcing stories.
Many people are doing lonely work these days in front of the computer, but if we could coordinate for small goals - dedicated themed calls, or prioritising 2-3 projects on which collectives work, it would go a long way.

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would be helpful pinging people on the list to let them know this is happening?

Ahead of the call, this is the breakdown we have

@noemi @MariaEuler @amelia

Nice! Glad that we are getting volunteers.

I can’t join this call til 4:30 today, just a heads up, but will jump on then.

Can’t today - have an Earth OS interview at the same time.

Please on which standard? 5 pm is it the same hour in Tunisia?

It is 5 pm CEST (e.g. Brussels)

Would like to bring up work.edgeryders.eu at the call today!
Next steps for OCI Lab
Webinar & Community Call Schedule: Proposals/Wishlist
Plus the new kanban board interface for coordinating work: https://edgeryders.eu/c/ocilab/workspace/l/latest?board=default

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