Welcome! More info?

So, welcome to Edgeryders! I suggest you add some explanations about what you do, so we can figure out together how to explore possible collaborations. A good way to do this by going to your project page and clicking on the blue “create a post” button. More information about how to use the Edgeryders platform can be found here. Get in touch if you need anything from us.

Welcome from me too!

Hi [christinasworld], I just sent you a direct message on your profile Contact tab with some tips which could make collaborating with fellow Edgeryders smoother. Hope to read you soon!

no message received?

Hi Noemi - are you sure you sent me a direct message? At the top of my profile it says No unread messages and when I click on that it just takes me back to my profile… nothing that looks like an inbox. what am I missing?

In your email

Hi, the direct messages go straight into the user’s email, so you should have received an email titled “[Edgeryders] Yellow :)” saying that "Noemi has sent you a message via your

contact form at Edgeryders." I could be lost in the spam, maybe check there?

Just getting a feel for the space

Hi Alberto and Noemi,

thanks for the welcome. Actually, I have an existing small group of collaboratrs that is in search of a new home as we expand to include others. Can you tell me the easiest way to invite them to this group so that we can experiment with the functionality? I see that I can invite people whose usernames I know, but I am not finding any way to search for users. Any tips you might offer to the migration process would be useful. I also see that you tagged me in your posts but do not see how to tag you back. What am I missing?


Accounts first :slight_smile:

Your collaborators are also more than welcome!

Edgeryders is intentionally disconnected from mainstream social networks: you can’t log in from your Facebook or Twitter account. We understand this might cause some inconvenience, but many people here have privacy concerns and don’t want to contribute to FB’s, TW’s or Big G’s big data marketing. So I would recommend telling your friends to click on this link: https://edgeryders.eu/user/register. Once they have created their account and we have approved them (another inconvenience, but necessary, since we get a lot of spammers that employ humans to get past CAPTCHAs. We manually appprove our users one by one, so manage to maintain a reasonably spam-free environment), they have full access. You can invite them to the group, or they can subscribe to it (as I did) by clicking on this link: https://edgeryders.eu/group/node/2367/subscribe/og_user_node. You can also access it by navigating to the project page and clicking on the link “Subscribe to group”.

To tag a user in a post or comment, just put her username between square brackets, like this: [USERNAME]. The username is case sensitive: “Alberto” in square brackets will work, “alberto” will not. If you are unsure of someone’s user name, you can look her up in the search field (instructions). In fact, I would recommend you take five minutes to read the Interacting with other edgeryders section in our User Manual wiki. The same guide also explains how to use Events and Tasks: we find they are quite useful for small-group collaboration.

If you need to migrate content as well as people, talk to us so that we can advise.