Welcome to Maria Euler, Edgeryders new Community Manager

I am pleased to announce that Maria Euler (@MariaEuler) has joined the Edgeryders team as Community Manager for the Internet of Humans - NGI Forward Forum.

Maria (who is hugging a quantum computer to change the phase of the photons via body heat in this image) brings excellent qualifications and experience to this work. She has a Masters Degree in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art in London. She describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist and design researcher. You can find some of her artistic works of her website mariaeuler.com. A native of Germany, she lives in Stockholm.

She and I host the Internet of Humans category, and in the short time we have worked together she has already contributed significantly to the development of the project interface design. We’re still a bit under construction there, but come join us now, or anytime, and have your say while we see if we can describe and possibly spec what the internet really ought to be.


Lovely to have @MariaEuler on board and having seen engagement materials in German on our social channels already makes me guess it’s you behind them :-)) Good work!

Also thanks to the many candidates for the community manager position, and those who sat in interviews with us. @asimong @iwona @Apache2 <3


Hello everybody and thank you so much John for this very nice introduction! I am so happy to have met all of the amazing people among you I already met and am looking forward to get to know everybody else and to grow and develop this project together!


Ok, you have out-cooled all of us from day one. Impressive!

… and: welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

She usually does. Very happy to have you with us @MariaEuler !

@MariaEuler are you on Twitter?

Hello and thank you so much for the very nice welcome. I was absent for the last 3 days due to a family emergency.
Back with you now and everybody here is very cool.
@alberto I am currently not on Twitter, but will probably set it up soon.

@MariaEuler and thank you @noemi for acknowledgement. I might be a distant observer and sometimes a more active one. Exciting to see how the project (and future intenet) develops.