Welcome to our social investors

Hello @marcelh and @KoenVanMeel!

This is just a little post to welcome you on our forum, and to let you know that we have given you access to “The Reef’s sensitive content” category, which is only visible to specific people (in casu: all Reeflings and the two of you).

If you could turn on email notifications for messages in which you are “@tagged” that would be helpful, although I will always keep an eye out for you and contact you in case it’s urgent. That said, just to be clear, we are not expecting that you read all the posts on the forum.

You are of course always welcome to reach me through our usual channels.

Hello @reeflings,

If you haven’t met them yet, Marcel (my father) and Koen (a dear friend of mine) would like to buy a unit in The Reef and rent it out to “inclusive Reeflings”. Here’s a couple of things for the sake of clarity:

  • There is a tag @reef-investors that goes to both of them, though I would advise to use the tag very sparsely (I will be their buddy for the moment, and take care of keeping them in the loop when needed).

  • Our investors are not included in the “Reeflings” tag, so for example private messages sent to all Reeflings will not reach them.


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Nothing to add to what Lie already wrote, except (another) welcome to @reef-investors !