Welcome to The Reef!

After two public presentations in April and the beginning of June, we are now opening up The Reef for new people to join, and we are very excited about that.

This thread has three purposes. It is meant …

  1. … for “old” @reeflings to welcome new people who have joined us on this forum.
  2. … for newcomers to flag to Team IT that they have gone through all the onboarding steps.
  3. … for new Reeflings to post any questions that they may have (need help, need clarification etc).

That being said I’m gonna kickstart this thread by welcoming @matteomeschiari, @Sophie_Beese and @EmmanuelleVM who have already joined the conversation on the get-to-know-each-other workshop.

Welcome! We are impatient to get to know you better on Sunday!


And a warm welcome to @ChrisM and @ThomasMaertens too! See you tomorrow!

Hello new @reeflings!

There seems to be a problem with the hyperlinks in the Powerpoint that was sent by email, so here’s a quick recap:

  • The availabilities file can be found on Nextcloud > Reef shared folder > Team Coordination > Availabilities during the summer break.
  • The Members Register can be found on Nextcloud > Reef shared folder > ASBL > Registry of members
  • The personal presentation fiches are gathered on Nextcloud > Reef shared folder > Recruitment and onboarding > Onboarding > Reeflings personal presentation fiches
  • Flagging that you have completed all steps can be done in this very thread.

On Nextcloud, the trick to find the Reef shared folder is to click on the “folder” icon on the top left. This allows you to browse all of The Reef’s folders and files.

If you would have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!



Well done @KoenVanMeel! Also flagging @GiuSeb, whom I only just added to the Reeflings group and so is likely to have missed Lie’s welcome message.

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Hello @reeflings!

Welcome on board! I’d welcome you each individually but unfortunately I can’t see who has joined so far. Feel free to say hi as a quick reply!

Kind request: if you haven’t done so already, could you please do the following?

  • Add you presentation fiche in the file with all the others (Recruitment and onboarding > Onboarding > Reeflings presentational fiches)
  • Add your details to the Members Register (ASBL > Registry of Members)

Many thanks!

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Hello @Lee!
I have just done all the steps besides the ‘availability during summer’ one.
For some reasons I cannot edit the excel file online but just download it.

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@matteomeschiari, it’s a Nextcloud thingy. @alberto and/or @manuelpueyo will prepare a training and/or a manual to explain this kind of things in detail.

This is my non-expert understanding: for whatever reason (convenience, incompatibility) you can download a file, edit it and then upload it again. The selling proposition is that similtaneous edits (should there be any) will be merged automatically.

When you upload the file again, you’ll get a dialog box that looks like this:

(my screenshot is imperfect because I used an older file, but in practice the date of the “new file” should be after the date of the “already existing files”)

In that box you take the option on the left “New files” and that is that.

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Mmh, strange. With me, Nextcloud launches OnlyOffice, an open source Microsoft Office clone, and lets me edit online.

Yes to me too.
I managed with the other files to do it online.
But within this specific folder not.
Thanks in advance

Done the 3 I’ll be there monday ans can help of course


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thank you @alberto. Happy to get involved. I am struggling to find the Reef on Nextcloud however. Is there a link you could share?

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You need an account. I will create one for you and send you the link via private message.

Hi! Nearly done. Could you please clarify why the names list is called “Registry of Members”?
Please note that my summer availabilities are very tentative.

Good question! Answer: the Members Register is a “two birds one stone” thingy:

  • The first bird is a file that we need for organisational purposes. Data we need include some personal things: email, phone, nickname on Edgeryders (we need an overview), dietary requirements, pronouns, …
  • The second bird is the legal obligation for ASBL’s to keep a members register with all the members’ address and national register number. So in theory you can leave the columns with data for the ASBL empty if like, and only fill them in once you become a member. But if you want to save time you can also fill in everything in one go, and then Team Admin will fill in the date that you became an Associate Member in the first column.

Of course. The only reason we are gathering these data is to get a rough overview of availabilities, just in case people would want to plan Team meetings or social events. Nobody is going to be pinned down based on what is in the table. It’s just an indication, with the caveat that of course people will make plans and availabilities may change.

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Thanks for the answer, @Lee .
@manuelpueyo, @alberto : done !

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Hi there!:lizard:🙋🏾 I’m here
@alberto , @manuelpueyo Could Team IT add me on nextcloud?


Hello, I also just got here :slight_smile:
Done every step except for the vacation availabilties. I have the same problem as Matteo there. Is it possible it has something to do with access rights?
Downloading, editing it and uploading it again seems like a hassle of a procedure to go through every time.


Hello to all the new @reeflings and welcome on board once more!

Given that the access to Nextcloud seemed more difficult than we anticipated, below you can find the internal links to all the documents that we would need you to fill in:

If you haven’t done so already, could you please complete these documents?

Many thanks!

Hi @Pieter, I tried to update the rights to the mother folder. Can you check if it works now?