Welcome to The Reef!

After two public presentations in April and the beginning of June, we are now opening up The Reef for new people to join, and we are very excited about that.

This thread has three purposes. It is meant …

  1. … for “old” @reeflings to welcome new people who have joined us on this forum.
  2. … for newcomers to flag to Team IT that they have gone through all the onboarding steps.
  3. … for new Reeflings to post any questions that they may have (need help, need clarification etc).

That being said I’m gonna kickstart this thread by welcoming @matteomeschiari, @Sophie_Beese and @EmmanuelleVM who have already joined the conversation on the get-to-know-each-other workshop.

Welcome! We are impatient to get to know you better on Sunday!


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