WeMake and Municipality of Milan present the project open rampette

Hello everyone!

This is to inform you about a public presentation that will take place next week in Milan and will act as open rampette project’s kick-off (you can read here the description of the context).

On Wednesday 19th of April, at Stecca 3.0, in Via De Castillia 26 (Milan) we will talk about the participatory path that we will conduct in order to overcome architectural barriers.

open rampette is part of opencare project, and is intended to involve in an active co-design process a variety of stakeholders, citizens, shop owners and shopkeepers, policy makers, designers, makers.

Municipality of Milan and WeMake are collaborating with DUC (Distretto Urbano del Commercio - Isola) and ADA (Associazione di Associazioni - Stecca degli Artigiani) in order to facilitate the improvement process of public spaces’ accessibility (art.77 of Building Regulations).

During the talk will intervene:

Cristina Tajani - Council Member for Labour Policies, Municipality of Milan

Lisa Noja - Mayor’s delegate to Accessibility Policies, Municipality of Milan

Rossana Torri - Department of Labour Policies and Economic Innovation, Municipality of Milan

Costantino Bongiorno - WeMake | Makerspace Fablab

Further updates will follow!

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Didn’t make the connection.

Although i did read Matteo’s post about the challenges of making businesses comply with mobility regulations. So open rampette becomes a project informed by opencare and the Milano team, and is already ongoing? That sounds great. Have you thought of inviting citizen groups to take the lead and run events as the project progresses? One thing we’re finding in opencare conversations is that participatory is not just about a way of collecting input, but more that participation is embedded in the very processes, including the convening acts.

What happens in practice?

Which activities do you envision? I recall a project a few years ago, in which @piersoft led a bunch of people in the streets of Lecce, mapping the city’s accessibility on OpenStreetMap (there is a specialised tag for that: Key:ramp - OpenStreetMap Wiki). But you seem to have a different approach…