What about changing the healthcare system?

Hello, I am Ghada Abbes (22 years old), an entrepreneur from Tunisia. I am computer science engineering student and embedded system developer. I want to share with you some of my projects.

Life Guardian

Life Guardian, is a health self monitoring, extends the traditional practice of medicine in a new challenging approach using IT and the latest powered technologies to establish a smart and reliable medical network for exchanging valuable information about your health status.
The idea of “Life Guardian” has started since 2016 for the first time with MIT Entreprise Forum Pan Arab Competition (it was for me as unbelievable jump). It was selected Top 20 among 6000 applications from over the world in the idea Track, we was the youngest entreprenurs (19-20 years old). It was a honourable experience as beginning. Then, we made it to final two times in ArabNet ( ArabNet Beirut and ArabNet Riadh ) as Finalists but we couldn’t afford the travel expenses. Then, the prestigious Conference “Gitex Technology Week” but unfortunately we didn’t get the Visa. After that and with the same project, I was selected among Top 200 in the WeMENA program held by the World Bank as young female entrepreneur and founder.
Thankful for the amazing dynamic team and the progress that we have made during this period, we are selected now as finalist in Social Impact Award Tunisia 2017.
This startup could change the healthcare forever and save lives! I let you discover it from the video link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9X6dwPOsT4
Now, we are selected in the national competition Social Impacy Award if you like it please support us, help us get to final in the Social Impact Award International Summit in Belgrade, Serbia. Here the link of vote: http://socialimpactaward.tn/

School in Hospital

Also, i am the founder of social initiative «School in Hospital» The aim of this initiative is to establish a structure, bringing together volunteer teachers, whose aim is to enable young patients hospitalized for a long period to continue their education. This initiative launched on 23 of April 2016 in collaboration with the organisation International Institute of Debate “IIDebate”.

Vascapa Tunisia

Finally, i am planning with Hamdi Achour, an active member and the only ambassador of the international association VASCAPA (Vascular Anomaly Patient Association in Brussels, Belgium, to open a branch of VASCAPA in Tunisia. So, we can help patient with vascular anomaly from Africa and the Middle East.

I hope you that you find my projects of interest. I find this plateform a great opportunity for exchange, so, i am ready if you have questions or suggestions. Also, i want to share with you and encourage you to apply participate those competitions that i take part in because it changed my perspective on life.


Greetings Ghada. First let me express how impressed I am with your projects. But you say “we.” Does that mean you have a team working on them with you? How far along are they? And where are you based?

hey @ghada was wondering how did it go with the social impact award ? and if there are any new updates with the Brussels-Tunisia collaboration.

ping @winnieponcelet if you know any connection that could help in making this collaboration/partenership

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Nice to read you @ghada ! Impressive indeed.

A nonprofit I helped start is doing science education for forgotten groups in Belgium. These are children from underprivileged contexts, people with physical or mental disabilities etc. A while back we planned to teach long term hospitalized children, but sadly it did not go through. Our added value is being able to translate modern or complex science into fun and instructive activities suited for the target audience and their context. Maybe this can be the start of a further conversation.

A group we have a hard time reaching is children with a migration background, especially those that are “fine for the system”. They are not “doing bad enough” to be accompanied by specialized organisations, but by any measure they have a disadvantage that shows in their grades and ultimately how they enter society as young adults. There are many children from from Northern Africa here, and we have noticed that they need role models that they can relate to. Perhaps this is also something we can talk about.

Finally, of course, I agree our health care system needs some serious reform. We want to make pharma more open with Open Insulin. Nice to see we’re all doing our part of the puzzle :slight_smile:

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Hi Ghanda,
Massively impressed with your project and entrepreneurship. Many congratulations on your awards, that must feel amazing :slight_smile: I would love to know what your doing with the Life Guardian project now? What is the next step do you think in trying to implement your incredible work. I am a junior doctor in the UK and I definitely see mobile apps as an important part of our future in terms of trying to create healthcare autonomy and patient autonomy. I think there is HUGE potential in their use to help people not only understand their illness but manage it more independently too. I would love to know/ hear a little more about your next moves. Please feel free you email me or message me through the platform. Georgie.

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Hello @ghada,

I just came across your post and thought that your perspective and ideas during this current epedemic crisis would be imensly valuable!

  • What are you currently doing?
  • Which initiatives and interventions do you think are most necessary now?
  • Which changes have to made to the healthcare system also on a short and longterm view to be better able to deal with something like that?

And do you have insights from your work with the “school in Hospital” initiative which could now be helpful for this “school at home” scenario during quarantine?

We would love to hear from you and if possible see if we can help out in any way!