What are your all-time favourite Edgeryders stories?

Edgeryders was born as a collective intelligence response to the previous crisis, the financial crash of 2008. I am writing a reflection on how that legacy helps us in the current one.

I am interested in what Edgeryders stories inspired people most. Could you point me to your favorite one(s)?

  1. Family life and freedom of religion - #2 by alberto
  2. Making Space: Looking for examples of Escape from the System
  3. That one you did about the benedictine principles.

I remember this one fondly, it was a real collective effort and the actionable thing coming out of Edgeryders 1:

For diversity: The many gifts people would contribute to a local community:

For depth: @alex_levene story which really shaped how we think about the hidden burdens of care work and how ‘everybody has a trauma’:

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Wow, @noemi… That first topic :heart: