What do you do for fun?

Online communities bond up better when there is some personal connection going on with all the work, study, helping the world, be part of the solution, etc. The big party we had at the end of Open Village Festival is one good example.

Everyone I encounter here is pretty fascinating. So I constantly wonder about those parts of your life where it is fun, stimulating, enjoyable, etc etc. some of you reveal some of it in your bio, but I hope to see more…


I have a bunch of guitars and amps and stuff so I play that good old rock and roll whenever I can. And I live on a couple of acres on the north coast of California in redwood country and I love to putter around keeping it up sort of like I am the ranger in my own park. Since other houses are not that close by, I can make a lot of noise so when I watch movies or listen to music I can turn it up pretty loud. Or I read, alternating between the net, books and certain periodicals. And I have a big family - kids and grandkids - so I spend as much time with them as makes sense and is fun. Soon I am going to get a kayak because the ocean is just 2 miles away.

What about you?

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Rock climbing! I thoroughly enjoy it, especially in the sweet spot where the extent of the challenge is close to meeting my ability. (Mountain)biking too… Although I’ve not been able to lately. Sadly for both the options are pretty vanilla here in Belgium.

Movies and reading are up there as well. Ample opportunities for that :slight_smile:

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You know I’ve been thinking a lot about this… Because I think one of the greatest gifts and challenges of these times is that we have more liberty to frame work how we want. What this also means is that with such flexible and porous boundaries, it’s always not so clear what is work and what is fun and what is care and what is doing nothing (which is important too right!).

So for me “fun” is actually something that is more an ingredient of how I live always. Almost like in the texture of my experience. And it manifests through curiosity and creativity. One of the things I love to do most is to think at the limit with people - to go high and wide and deep and fly through it all together. This is so much fun for me but obviously could be seen as work or study for others.

I also love to just get lost, to explore and wander the streets. Again this is super fun but actually is also a care technique for me, it gives me space and time to process what’s moving for me, intellectually, emotionally…

Music, dancing, stimulating conversations, cooking, good wine et al, accompanying each other as we live… Like really LIVE. This is fun and love and necessary for me to be well in the world.

Great question, thanks for opening the space.

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Think at the limit. Yeah I like to do that too.
Get lost and wander. I like to do that too. When I travel I always set aside time for it. I go to the big spots too…like last week I was in New York and I went out to the Statue of Liberty - something I had not done since I was a kid. But I hadn’t planned to do it. I just took the subway down to the waterfront to walk around and I ran into the line for the boat. So I just went for it. Other times - and this is more common for me - the spontaneous wandering reveals the small pleasures of a place. And often those are the ones I most remember.

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I like to hangout with strangers (and friends) and play board games. The renaissance of table top gaming in Europe and N America means there are so many games out there i can play a new game each time (or hone my skills at one against the same opponent) I used to play computer games (and still play a few, PC strategy games like Civilization) but i much prefer sitting around a table with people and playing with bits of card, tokens etc.
I’m also a huge fan of pencil and paper RGPs (e.g Dungeons and Dragons), but i do’t get to play them as much as i want to. It’s harder to find people to commit the long term time required to get the most of them.
They’re really interesting insights into people’s character and needs. I know people who use RPGs as cathartic exercises, or to teach younger people about social cause and effect in a safe environment. They’re a great tool for discovering improvisation, encouraging group thinking and problem solving and changing interpersonal dynamics. Plus, they’re just damned fun to play.

Otherwise, i’m a book reader/film watcher. I would include going to the theatre as well, but then i’m mixing business with pleasure.

My final thing which i do is walk&think, or walk&talk. I find a different part of my mind opens up when i’m also travelling across a landscape. I try to go on walks/hikes with my friends during the spring/summer.

I totally agree. I love to get lost in a city and find myself in random places. I also love those liminal spaces that aren’t really for anything - old service roads etc. I’m a big fan of exploring places where my existence at those places isn’t defined by my expenditure. So free libraries, galleries and museums (in the UK at least), parks.
A lot of my friends are the opposite and can only travel around a place by going from bar to restaurant to bar. Entirely about the expenditure and consumption.
Makes going on holiday with them very taxing…

I personally prefer video games and I love spending time like that. I also use https://upgrader.gg/en/games/ to play video games without lags. I don’t know if you are interested, but you can check it out.