What is LOTE?

The Living On The Edge or LOTE series are the biggest Edgeryders offline community events. They are an occasion for Edgeryders from all corners of Europe and beyond to meet up and work together intensively in a highly collaborative framework. We research ways to overcome most pressing socio-economic challenges, figure out how to support off-the-grid initiatives through better policy or initiate projects that contribute to wellbeing in our local communities.

The format is generally two days of structured conference with half-day tracks, followed by another two days of peer-to-peer open format unconference. Expert panels, intensive workshops, informal sessions and a lot of fun! All sessions are co-designed, facilitated and documented by the community, and are open to everyone wishing to attend.

There seems to be great value in coming to work together in a context where you can raise issues on things that interest you and immediately you will have different points of view on the same problem from people in different parts of Europe. As well as find peers with whom to collaborate on addressing the challenges.

Participation at LOTE is free of charge, however we ask the community members to register early on and help raise funds to support people’s travels and accommodation, which so far has been either very cheap or free.

Wanna get into Lote mood? Here’s: