Community heroes

Edgeryders have a long history of generosity displays which began early on, before the community even existed. Back then we were using a Wordpress blog and crowdsourcing our first logo, also putting together a team of 100 volunteers from 20 countries to beta-test our first platform. We think it is important to give our heroes proper shout outs. Thank you all. :heart:

  • Lucas Gonzales: He took it upon himself to transcribe the words of the Edgeryders 3 minutes presentation video to create subtitles for the hearing impaired. His effort snowballed and we ended up with subtitles in 9 different languages!

  • Matthias: A free softie, Matt was on top of the whole new Edgeryders platform design process from the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013. And is still the technical lead. Thanks Matt for providing us a brand new, shiny and almost bug free platform!

  • Francis Gosselin: Moderated perhaps one of the most controversial sessions at LOTE: Meet the Policy Maker. Witty, elegantly, and trendy. Kudos to Francis!

  • Sophie Bibet: She lent us her beautiful, factory-turned-art-space L’Usine in Brussels for LOTE2! She kindly offered places to sleep to several Edgeryders and went out of her way to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

  • Giacomo Neri: coordinated a wonderful team of volunteers when we were highly understaffed during the preps for LOTE1 in Strasbourg, June 2012. He built and maintained the conference website and was in close touch with people in charge of accommodation, conference sessions, photography, registration desk etc.

  • Ben Vickers & Ola Moller: they drove the process of fleshing out the idea, building a structure and website and giving us the lovely unMonastery, soon-to-be-based in Matera, Italy.

  • Kat Borlongan: Kat does fundraising stunts, and she more than proved it when she brokered a deal with AirBnB and got participants at LOTE2 a 25% discount!

  • laria d’Auria: Based in Brussels at the time of LOTE2, she was a driving force behind securing catering, and scouting Internet providers… Ilaria is now a big part of the unMonastery in Matera success!

  • Ásta Helgadóttir: Pulled off tons of to-do’s in the run-up to LOTE2, in Brussels. From writing participation calls & newsletters, to sorting accommodation and keeping in close touch with 80 participants, she drove it all in a highly engaging way. a superstar!

  • Thomas Goorden: without being member in the community at the time, Thomas offered to help set up the event in Brussels. Whatever you could ask for in terms of logistics, he’d jump right in and fixed it!

  • Ksenia Serova & Henri Lefèvre: They conducted several interviews at LOTE and managed to get on screen the vice-mayor of Thessaloniki Spiros Pengas, the Danish MEP Emilie Turunen, as well as a dozen European youth participating in a European scale event.

  • Medhin Paolos: Medhin’s artistic eye helped cover LOTE. Check the photos, they speak for themselves.

  • Alessio Baù: He storified LOTE. Blogged and tweeted during the event in a time when we were (again!) understaffed…

  • Jessy Jetpacks: Network weaver, volunteering to give the community narrative a visual edge. Beautiful artist!

  • Chris Pinchen: He curated the Living on the Edge series, got hold of and sat down to interview some of the most passionate Edgeryders around Europe.

  • Justyna Król: She ran a session at LOTE2, as expert-in-residence. Working for UNDP, Justyna also found her Edgeryders hat, and wore it with style by blogging about the event and spreading the word in institutional circles.

  • Patrick Davenne: He conscientiously monitored breakouts at LOTE and delivered detailed follow up summaries.

Edgeryders Guide to the Future contributors

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