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So the wheels are turning into full stop.

  1. Today the parliament holds a vote of confidence in regard to Babiš government, but it is just for show, because:
    a) he will survive because the ruling coalition still retains its majority (ANO-Babiš, Soc.Dem and silent support of the Communist party)
    b) the opposition has no realistic chance to form a government - they did it to react at least in some way to the demonstration from Sunday, before the Summer holidays begin
    c) president Zeman declared he will appoint Babiš prime minister again in any case

So the question is how can the system reflect the accumulated anger: Máme šanci věci změnit? Nakolik jsou politici schopni reprezentovat naši vůli?

And it goes all back to the question, despite the procedural aspects being upheld, what should be the content of democracy, what about its ethical dimension and moral wellbeing of our society - so basically what we discussed before.


Another newsflash from yesterday, even though a little under the radar - the notoriously corrupt Central Bohemian regional government (where I lived a long part of my life:) currently under the leadership of ANO-Babiš was ransacked by the police yesterday:

Funnily enough, almost the same day that the final verdict for the former regional governor David Rath, a major symbol of political corruption, was confirmed: Vrcholí příběh krabice s penězi. Rath si u soudu vyslechne svůj rozsudek - iDNES.cz

The original anti-elitist, anti-political and anti-corruption narrative Babiš had is crumbling - his party members are not the efficient for the public good working morally consistent characters he was promising all the time.

Je změna vůbec možná? Zkorumpuje politika skutečně každého?


Today, the Metro in Prague collapsed, because of annual summer reparations, nevertheless, the mismanagement of the situation caused thousands of people to get stuck.


Řídíme stát jako firmu - jak řídíme státní firmy?

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@anon82932460 interesting this week for wellbeing czech push out?

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Very! Will add it to the schedule

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Continuing with the story: currently, the governmental coalition Social Democratic Party is unnable to force there own minister out of his position Staněk dál chrlí tweety proti ČSSD. Hamáček podle něj nedodržel slovo - Novinky

Being backed by the president, he turned against his own the party, which as another stain on the image of the government.

Porušuje prezident pravidla hry? A nakolik si valstně vzájemně věří lidé, kteří nám vládnou?

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Hey guys, just a bit aside of today’s call, but I think we should address it anyway (Inge, you mentioned it in the post) - as I said before and for any further push-outs, feel free to instruct me in which way to shape the language, I am more of a background provider/translator, in now way I feel entitled to format social media outreach:))

On the other hand, I tried to shape the things around a ceratin pattern/style, that I felt had been established at the very beginning of this branch of our activity.

I was mostly part of refining and translating the static content on the website, so if there is any concrete feedback you get, I and Noemi will be happy to get it.

As for the upcoming content - there are more interview transcripts coming to the Czech Wellbeing, I will continue writing my bi-weekly summaries - I guess you want them pasted in the excel file as well, if you would like to, we can discuss some details for the outreach in an understandable language (English) here…

Maybe let me know what kind of content would be helpful to your agendas.



I’d love if you responded to the person I interviewed and see if we can have a longer, more detailed conversation with her over the platform before we have new people onboarding? She is a friend of mine, so if she’s not too busy, I think she will be available to talk