What is the most interesting thing in the ER universe right now?

I’m curious to know what’s stoking people’s interests and what’s most engaging.
What’s the most interesting thing being discussed right now and why?
Answer with a quote from a post or comment on the platform.


@owen maybe a nice focus for the next newsletter?

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So @anique.yael and I did some work mapping out what we see overlap between what many different community members are driving or actively involved within their own contexts. Between parenthesis I have added names of projects that the Edgeryders organisation is formally involved in)

Open Research and Innovation (leadership of and contribution to international research consortia in bioscience, healthcare and welfare, democracy, urbanism, next generation internet). @anique.yael @alberto @winnieponcelet @thomasmboa @rachel @anthony_di_franco @ramykim @markomanka @Elise @melancon @lakomaa @costantino @lucy @lucechiodelliub @federico_monaco @jason_vallet @monki @amelia

Tech innovation enabling high quality conversation and sensemaking at scale (software for community management, ethnographic coding and semantic social network analysis). @luca_mearelli @matthias @melancon @jason_vallet @alberto

OpenSource solutions for self-sufficiency (OpenVillage Solutions). @anthony_di_franco @hazem @imake loads @thomasmboa @costantino

P2P knowledge transfer and skill development (online academy and fellowship program) @zmorda @Sohayeb @matteo_uguzzoni

Community building and management (online platforms, events, workshops, festivals) @natalia_skoczylas @zmorda @Yosser @Nejib_Ammar_5 @AnesB @HadeerGhareeb @fannynorlin @iriedawta @hegazy @anncassano

Collaborative/cooperative ownership and use of property @nadia @ms_instigating @John @natalia_skoczylas @woodbinehealth @peteratomic @mariekebelle @nadia @petros_at_freelab

Financing platform for collaborative entrepreneurship (computational network bartering and financial model for funding swarms around impact goals ). @matthias @daniel

Polital/policy activism (governance, building alliances, participatory design and prototyping of experimental solutions to wicked problems, collaborative shaping of evidence-backed policies and advocacy for their adoption). @luciascopelliti @bob @noemi @Romy @smari @asta @teirdes @commonfutures @anthonyzach @lakomaa @tino_sanandaji @nadia @fannynorlin @ton


@noemi and all, am I missing something?

Yes, maybe cultural and civic activism, urban cooperation and place-making - is closest in the policy work I guess, the last in your list. with Yannick, Inge and others in Brussels, Matera, Rustavi … :slight_smile:

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I’m curious about this. Is this RINA kind of things? Recursive Internetwork Architecture - Wikipedia Or other stuff?


@anique.yael question for you ^^ :slight_smile:

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Ok Ill try to add it on the list above with pings to people

@eb4890 Great to hear of your curiosity! In short the research network with a consortium of partners are preparing a proposal to an EU funded project on the Next Generation Internet.

If awarded, our role will be around bringing the public, unusual suspects, thought leaders, decision makers and industry into dialogue so that collective intelligence is informing the way the EU is building policy around NGI infrastructures. We’re very excited.

Do you work with RINA’s yourself?

You can follow more on the research network here.

I don’t work with RINA, I have a too big side project as it is. My old housemate got really interested in it for a while, I don’t know how far they got with it though.

That looks like an interesting EU funded project! Good luck with the proposal, I’ll try to keep up and I’ve some experience running web services, so I shall add my tuppence where I have experience/opinions.

I think my agoric computing side project might help this initiative (at least in the long term) as it should help people run their own Internet services.


I am still on the hunch that, for me, got started almost 20 years ago. when I first discovered mailing lists: modelling social dynamics. By “social”, for now, I mean “pertaining to online communities”. I choose to consider online communities like toy societies, much simpler and more observable than societies at large. I expect some of the intuition developed observing the former to generalize to the latter.

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I was not aware of this RINA thing. At least one of the issues (“applications have no way to express preference as for the transport service they wish to use”) seems to be covered by dropping net neutrality… am I getting this right? I am no engineer.

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From my understanding RINA is more about the user asking for different traffic to be prioritised or put over different carriers, also called quality of service or QoS. This is different from the end of net neutrality where the ISP decides which traffic should be prioritised, based on it’s own interests.

I went googling briefly and found this Network Neutrality and Quality of Service: What a Non-Discrimination Rule Should Look Like | Center for Internet and Society talking about the choices around QoS. So it not a simple black and white subject.

From a technologists point of view, it is always good for a technology to support QoS, as some networks are internal to organisations and don’t have any network neutrality repercussions at all. It would be up to the law to restrict their usage in ISPs.

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What a joy to share in a tea and walk with you yesterday @eb4890. I’ll always remember the experience of talking machine learning while walking through Hackney City Farm! Now that’s the reef as theory of change in real time life I’d say :smile: (ping @nadia)

So I know you’ll be sharing more detail about your project in a couple of weeks once it’s finessed, but as mentioned I wanted to briefly connect some dots here, particularly with you @matthias and @alberto. Definitely think there’s some alignment between what Will is up to and our tech and research. I understand it’s about user literacy and empowerment through operating systems behaviour and inter-programmatic currency (and of course we talked Sante Fe and artificial life @alberto!). I’ll leave @eb4890 to explain how and when he’s ready but I’m particularly interested in the competition idea he has to create an inter-operable program such that the project can begin building user capacities and how this can fit in with Open Village, the Houses and the Academy (ping @matteo_uguzzoni).

Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds, no rush, just enthusiasm :sunny: