What recipes do you want to see in the UnMonasterian's Cookbook and how do you want to contribute towards building them?

Over the past year and a half we have had numerous conversations on and offline related to how we are managing to navigate the current socioeconomic reaity while trying to do meaningful work that contributes towards shaping a future we can look forward to. What that future looks like I think is different for each person, what we do however have in common is the struggle to bridge the growing divide between work we do to make a living, and work we do to make meaning.

The work that has been done already include: in depth interviews that Chris pinchen conducted with Edgeryders in different parts of the the world, sharing and discussing our own personal stories. Check out the (Making A) Living series on Pete AshtonAnne WizorekJon BoundsAndrea GoetzkeOlivier Schulbaum and Elf Pavlik