What to do when losing work during Covid19? Community calls each Tuesday noon

@OCILab for the next batch of pls!

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@yassine_el_metoui_84 you will find many members in Tunisia/ Mena if you introduce yourself in the Ocilab group and maybe @OCILab can help connect you to thers there? here is the link: https://edgeryders.eu/c/ocilab


Thank U very much

Sorry to disturb, my project like a voluntary work for now maybe after the COVID , I have an idea how to switch from voluntary work to a company but i will did it after this difficult period.

@ Everyone: thanks again for joining and I will see you tomorrow, Tuesday 12:00 Brussels time, link in the post above!

Special thanks to our contributors who created 2 beautiful and inspiring stories from Yerevan and Novi Sad. The stories are now part of future efforts in edgeryders, and we will try to connect the authors with opportunities from around!

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Hi everyone,

A quick note to all of you who have been following these conversations:
After a few weeks of hosting our calls on Zoom, we are forced to drop this technology and look for safer alternatives and protocols for registration. Full announcement from yesterday here.

We are looking to set up new video chat channels and I will be back with an invitation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we continue our online discussions - here are some of the most interesting stories so far: what are your own learnings from this period?