What to eat during a lockdown dinner with strangers?


A couple of years ago @charanya and I hosted a series supper clubs- basically we put out an invitation on the internet to join us for a dinner in a private home. Charanya would cook south indian food (with some help from me at varying degrees of usefulness). And the invitation was to have a nice dinner with random people. It was a lot of fun.

And it was all about the food.

@jasen_lakic and I are going to do dinner together across screens. Basically people in different places sitting around dinner tables in different places, connected by a screen.

So, what should we cook and eat during such an event?

It’s not a trivial matter…

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Well me and Katja are fasting so it will be no meat but we still eat cheeses :wink:

Any ideas? I will also ask Katja for ideas…something tells me she will be cooking :stuck_out_tongue:

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do you have a bbq?

Hmmm no, no garden here. What would I put on a BBQ if it’s not meat? :slight_smile:

Tofu silly! I tried it with korean spices - so. so. so. good. I dunno if cooking and sending food to someone is compatible with the social distancing thing? Cause if you want to try it I can make some here and drop it off in a bag in front of your door?

Alright, can get it in a bio shop nearby. Well it’s not BBQ but we do have pierrade :slight_smile:

Too much of a hassle to bring it here and just drop it in front…unless it’s that good? haha

My hospitality does not allow for such a thing, my ancestors would turn in my grave if you would come at my doorstep just to drop food and leave…and we don’t live close by :slight_smile:, thanks though!

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Ok, make sure you pick up ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and some korean chilli paste if you can find it. If you have balsamic vinegar to that’s good. If you need to mix the above into a paste and marinade the tofu in it for a couple of hours.

hmm sesame oil and korean chilli paste still needed, thanks :slight_smile:

So tonight 19h?

@HadeerGhareeb joining us too? Anyone else you know is interested?

The FB group didn’t reply yet.


let’s meet here at 19h tonight My Awesome Blog

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yes, I am joining.
I will ask some friends if they would join.

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remember they need to create and login with an edgeryders account to access that room!

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