Who am I?

Who am I, what am I, what do I do, how do I do it? All these questions make me really uncomfortable. Why? Because I really don’t want to answer them. I think as soon as I say some of the things I do, have been, want to be, I lose a bit of freedom. I don’t want to necessarily be who I’ve already been. Lost? Maybe, but that gives you so much opportunity. My big problem is that my way of thinking doesn’t really fit in with the world. The world seems to want me to be something specific, so that it can know how to deal with me I guess. Objecting to this is certainly problematic: how can you get a job if you don’t want to be defined by the job requirements? How can you demonstrate skills and experience if you’re always yearning to do something new and different, not specialise and convince someone you should be hired accordingly?

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t want to deny who I am. All the experiences, places, people that have been part of my life are important to me. I feel that I belong everywhere I’ve been and in everything I’ve done. That’s why I’d say home is actually many places: Shrewsbury, Glasgow, Leeds in UK, Madrid, Barcelona in Spain, Valera in Venezuela, and Tokyo. And I’m a canoeist, an English teacher, a tango dancer, a translator, an accountant(!), an uncle, a linguist, a civil servant, a reader (espec magical realism) and a fair trade developer who still wants to be a social science researcher, a dad, a civil society promoter, a gardener, a politician(?), oh and young and wise(!). But do let me know of everything else out there!

Do VS Be

I'm not sure I understand.

We live in a society of Doers, that compartmentalizes people and put them into regimented categories. It was easier, several years ago, to move from one place to another. But it becomes less and less possible nowadays.

Just Be, that’s ok.

Which world?

Hmm… why would the world want anything specific from you? That does not click with my own experience, where people have being leading satisfactory  lives based on very strange arrays of experiences, skills and takes from the world (why, I myself am an economist/musician/scholar).

It’s more the professional sphere that processes well clean-cut profiles. Which is why most people like me are freelance!

A bit of self awareness

Hello, I am not sure that I understood everything you are mentioning there. First of all who does ask you to be something else than yourself? and why do you NEED to answer these questions? to whom?

I think that nobody is obliged to do something he doesnt want or doesnt feel like doing it… For me it is more important to find out who you truly are, admit it to yourself, get your self awareness and then the whole rest world will see it without answering any questions.

Give me a bit of your background… What do you do in your life? what gives you motivation, energy and passion doing it?

I am looking forward to meeting you better through your stories :slight_smile:

Reminds me of smth…


I just love this! Have you seen how quick people react to this type of unsettling feelings? It reminds me of  this report here which I love! because it shakes my own beliefs and speaks of jobs as" a infrastructure built by an alien civilisation that left a long time ago, and took the operating manuals with them"

and also this one. but it took several readings to get my head around those…  Maybe you can relate somehow ?

Also, as yet another curious Edgeryder (it’s a group syndrome :)), I’m curious as to your former work experience, was it so bad that you always felt constrained into labels?

Thanks and hope to see you around,


PS I’m just learning to tango and I love it. Plus, i’m very much into Márquez as well…