Wiki: Mapping communities and others

I made a start with mapping different interesting communities and experts and will continue adding to these, plus I’ll add the events I found to the right topic. But let me know if you have any other directions you think I should look into :slight_smile:


Car influencers

Car parts art

Automative journalism

Offroad community

Van Life

Car designers hobbyist

Car Sharing

Car startups:


Electric cars

  • Lightyear electric cars Netherlands
  • Volta Trucks Sweden, electric vehicle manufacturer that focuses on creating sustainable cities
  • Wallbox, Spain, electric cars
  • Polestar, Sweden
  • EasyMile, France, specializes in both autonomous car software and smart mobility solutions
  • Rimac Automobili, Croatia, hypercar and electric vehicle component company
  • Sono Motors, Germany


  • TierIV, Japan, creates open-source software for self-driving cars
  • Sensible4, Finland


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Transformed it into a wiki, so everyone can add to this.

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