Wiki to map needs, clients & existing orgs doing what we can do?

In the comment to this post, we can list some examples of already existing orgs which are doing things we can do (better). Institutions and bigger orgs do outsource their stuff and also buy services. Whether they need these services, or whether these institutions should exist in the first place is not important for this wiki. Lets be blunt for a start, and analyse later (whether we want to partner with them or exterminate them). But here - a link or a name, and may be couple of keywords, that’s it. Think no one is going to sue us for looking at what is already on the market.

The point is there are some needs out there that ER can satisfy and get payed for it. And there are orgs and institutions who are already paying for it to someone else, and not only to huge consulting agencies.

What specific needs are there? (those which we can possibly solve)

Who has these needs? (I don’t mean “people”, but the institutions and orgs who are responsible for these needs)

Who is already working with this? (can we do it better?)

Go through those who is already doing what we can do better and is payed for it (their functions, may be their business models too, we can copy&optimise) 

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