Social Capital for Social Ventures

The SC4SV fund is the EdgeRyders network acting as a capital fund. By putting time and specialized skills (like language or design skills) at the disposal of new small enterprises, we take what we have (skills, time and talent) and use it to fill in the gaps left by what we don’t have: access to investments of financial capital. This is self-help into employment for a largely unfunded generation. We can help each other to help ourselves.

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Before pledging your 10 hours, do read the Edgeryders social contract.

SC4SV in German competition! come vote!

Hi Guys,

Caroline drew our attention to an online competition in Germany to which we together submitted Social Capital for Social Ventures, since we had the text ready. We could win 1000 Euros for the project.

Go in an leave a vote + Tweet about it?

Great news!!

Thanks Caroline for the heads up!! I wasn’t sure what competition is it, especially because everything related is in German, but voted. Apparently you can vote even if you’re not a German resident.

What’s the name of the competition adn how many projects are awarded? this info helps for documentation and spreading the word, thnks :slight_smile: