Witness in Sicily: where we are, what the residency will look like, and how to use it

Hello Giacomo, I can write something for you today but it’s not going to be the description of the game :grinning:, on that we will start working on August and it’s going to take sometimes before we have a solid design. I can add in some previous experience of games that I designed for schools like this one Would that work?

Matteo, I think @giacomo.pinaffo means a concept, not a description of the game play. Something like

Playful Futures investigates how coastal communities might respond to rising sea levels caused by global warming. It does so in an immersive, participatory way, through a LARP (Live Action Role Play) with a science fictional setting. The LARP involves citizens, mostly young. What makes this exercise participatory science is that the LARP is treated as the field for a digital ethnographic study. The latter’s research question asks how citizens relate to rising sea levels (with despair? in a fighting spirit? as an opportunity for renewal?), what are their priorities, and which strategies they deploy (for example, cooperative vs. competitive).

Maybe this will also need the word “online” and an explanation of what a LARP is.

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Yes, what Alberto wrote is enough, just add where needed a bit more details to ensure the text can be understood by someone not too much into the “gaming” world and an idea of time schedule… in this way the festival team can better think about if and how to integrate this in their activities with schools. If in Italian would be great, otherwise no problem, I’ll translate it.




So, we had a meeting with FDCM and Horcynus Orca to discuss how we will participate to the festival. The balancing act is to make sure we can do our thing, while still adding something to the Messina festival, and using it to recruit participants to Witness.

By their request, I produced a note in Italian to help them coordinate with the schools and the local uni, which are to be partners in this. It requests a bit of help from @nadia, @ivan, @matteo_uguzzoni, and possibly @hugi and @yudhanjaya. Can you have a look and flag anything irrealistic or just wrong? Automated translation should work, but feel free to ask Ivan or myself.



@hugi we have been struggling to find suitable accommodation. In the end, the best I could find is this villa. It seems great, but it’s in between Messina Center and Torre Faro (the first is 10Km away, the second 6), so within walking distance of really neither, unless you are Noemi. We’ll need bikes, or a car.

But we need a reservation for Yudha, can you reserve already? We can always cancel for free until September 20th.

Calling @hugi and everyone. Since the reservation is needed for Yudha’s visa, I just made it using the company card. Cancellation will stay free for another two months.


Got it, and thanks. ER can simply invoice Blivande.

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Ok, great. We will do that. I’ìll just wait for the confirmation from Maria that all is well.