Witness + Treasure - a participatory workshop

After participating to the Neol design community sprint at the end of June, I agreed with the Neol folks to present Edgeryders community during one of their “show and tell” sessions.

It should have been at the end of August, but we will eventually do it on the 18th.
I will go through our experience in brief bullet points, introduce the best examples and help them co-lead an interactive session to show how we do our things and how do we use data in various projects.

I thought of mixing up Witness and Treasure here by presenting the fictional city and asking them what should a circular, desirable, possible car/means of transport (or the mobility in general) in Witness look like. In a 25-30 minutes discussion we can create a conversation which could be coded.

I will take care of the content and of the presentation, they will bring the people to the table.
To do that I would need a list of questions concerning the (circular, sustainable) cars in the future which could produce some useful data for us to put into Treasure. Ideas and contributions - most welcome.
What do you think, guys?
in particular: @alberto, @nadia, @marina, @Nica - could you prepare a list of questions of sort in case?)?


That’s great. Just let’s make sure that we secure data quality, or all will be for nothing. @Nica has last word on what needs to be in place for data to be of sufficient quality.

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Proud of you Ivan, this message gives me hope of big change in communities. Keep it up.
With regards
From Uganda/Africa

I think this is a good initiative. Am catching up with the mountain of things to do after sick leave…not sure I will be able to send questions in time for the 18th though

Proud of you Ivan, this message gives me hope of big change in communities.
Keep it up and looking to learn more from such posts