Work related to Promoting the coworking event taking place on July 21

hi @RoRemote @estragon @lroddy @MariaEuler @johncoate.

On July 21, edgeryders will be hosting an event coordinated by @RoRemote. The campaign to promote it begins today. information about the event:

What needs to happen - ideally within the next 2 days.

  1. Check that all links work and instructions are clear in the eventbrite and edgeryders announcements.

  2. Interviews/ transcripts (Rowena): Get the interviewees to create accounts on the platform and interview the transcripts of their interviews onto the platform as themselves here: About the Coworking Recovery Event Forum

  3. Newsletter (laura) : Make this week’s newsletter all about this - Review the interviews to produce a long form article (newsletter format) weaving together what they are saying as an introduction to the event with a prompt to sign up. The documentation from the interviews is available here: Co working summit interviews – Google Drive

  4. Extract a number of “good quotes” from the interviews that we can put on flyers to share on social media (John or Maria)

  5. Put togerther flyers featuring each participant (use their bios).

  6. Put together list of social media contacts for the featured participants on twitter and linkedin (@kajafarszky)

  7. Marketing and one to one outreach to our networks on and offline.


@hugi : heads up about this event happening July 21, relevant to Blivande.

@marina for the consortium…can you inform them?

yes, I’ll fill-in the template. I’ll also share with the creative hubs network.

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could you do a dummy check that all links in both places are working before you do?

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@nadia - some edits on event page please:
Under Featured Participants - my name is spelt wrong, surname = Hennigan
Under Network and representation… - Remove after Faye Alund -,
Space at heading - A n online process to accelerate offline impact

Shoot, that’s during our vacation unfortunately. Last two weeks of July are just a barebones crew at Blivande, and I’ll be offline myself.

maybe just post a hello this is blivande message in the category so we can connect you with others later?

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I can’t get all those interviews edited in 2 days. It takes too many hours. Even if I did nothing else for 2 days I couldn’t. If you need it that fast the only way I can think of is to contract a human transcriber to work with unedited audio.

sure - @amelia do you have suggestions for this/know of online service we could use?

I have never hired a human transcriber myself, but maybe @Leonie or @CCS have and could recommend?

hi - as discussed - Human Audio Transcription Services | Rev - I have tested this and has 90% + accuracy.

The Erin Westover interview runs about 43 minutes. That would cost about 49 Euro to have Rev transcribe it. I went ahead with this one to see how well it works.

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@RoRemote I’ve corrected in the template as well the spelling mistake in your surname!

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many thanks @kajafarszky, I noticed it earlier, but did get a chance to do it. You bet me to it :slight_smile:

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Some useful materials we have used for previous events

  1. Invitation
  2. Follow up #1
  3. Follow up #2
  4. Follow up #3
  5. Social Media status updates
  6. Summary post

1. Invitation

I’m one of Edgeryders co-founders and I couldn’t tell you what Edgeryders is because it is constantly evolving… Only offer a rough description of how we operate.
We find people are doing work we believe is important and whose values align with our own= try to do some good in the world + science is important + don’t be a jerk/creep/gaslighter. And to build dense-networks between/around them. Why/how: Edgeryders Festival | November 19-29th 2019

In practice this means we try to cut down the investment of time and effort needed for people to discover, understand and build on one another’s work. This involved posting a personal introduction to oneself and ones work on an online platform. Then our community managers draw the attention of others who have complimentary interests, needs, skills and or access to people who might: and the other way around. People read one another’s stories/intros and post questions and answers through comments. Our community managers and research team reads/processes the conversations that develop, to find common ground between people having many separate conversations happening in parallel. We also have hired staff to scouting relevant opportunities to support people’s work. These includes proposing joint applications to specific research grants or building financially viable projects to support long term work on issues.

To make it easy we schedule a one-on-one call to do an in depth interview that is more in conversation form. Then transcribe and do a first edit into a skeleton post for the interviewee to edit till they are happy, and when they are ready they post it under their own name. It takes a bit of an upfront investment to really get going (i’d say 2.5 hrs including interview time, responding to comments with questions from other participants, and a bit of prep ahead of the workshop).

We have been doing this work since 2013. Over time we have grown into a community, stewarded by a group of nice, fairly bright people. At present the community of people who are connecting this way on and offline is around 5000 people in +80 countries. It is an open, self-selecting network of people and diverse in the true sense of the word - but people who participate tend to be bright, curious, friendly and committed to the common good.

Follow up #1

Hi, The draft version of your interview is up in our closed workspace. You do need to create an account on in order to be able to access and edit it so we can publish it in time for the event.

Follow up #2

Hi, Gentle reminder that we need your interview posted this week.

not sure if you saw that you do need to create an account on in order to be able to access and edit the wiki containing the rough edit of your interview. You create it here and then once you have we give you access to the closed workspace where we are working with everyone interviewed on their respective articles:

Then you let me know what alias you have chosen for your account so I can add you to the closed workspace where your interview is posted.

Follow up #3


You can now access and edit the interview here: Can tech design for survivors? How sex, violence, and power are encoded into the design and implementation of data/AI-driven sexual misconduct reporting systems

To edit it scroll down and click on the three buttons:

Then click on the pencil button to edit it:

Social Media status updates

Craft a flyer/ banner for the person interviewed and then publish on social media, mentioning their social media account in the update.

Summary posts

These then are posted both on the platform and e.g on linked in, medium, in flyers etc. Again - pinging the person and their organisation in the status update

this is relevant for you @RoRemote and @lroddy


nope - always did it myself, with mixed results :wink:

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Hi Nadia, I have posted the Newsletter in the Campfire - presume you want me to go ahead with the regular live page too for this?

yes please!

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